Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are

I really just sometimes sit and humans have been cursed with an egotistic complex. We seem to think we are the dominant species on planet Earth, but are we really? Ok, put it like this...if we were amongst nature, and we had to fight an animal with our bare hands as they fight each other all the time for survival, would we survive? Put a human in a room with a dog where they have to kill each other, who do you think would be dead? It wouldn't be the dog. Or a human vs. a Gorilla...hell, even a monkey! There's no way we would survive. We are THE ONLY species on Earth to RELY on the usage of technology for survival. Say there was some type of huge catastrophe and all of our homes were destroyed and we had to live amongst the wild....we wouldn't last long because 1. We wouldn't have the knowledge or skill to hunt for food 2. We're so used to a domestic lifestyle that our bodies aren't immune to nature's conditions and 3. We're not smart enough to figure out ways to survive with little food over long periods of time. Society has truly weakened us, physically and mentally and we don't even realize it. Back thousands of years ago, a human was able to throw a spear from yards and yards away, killing a water buffalo with a single attempt and use it for food and warmth. That's mental and physical precision. And this whole time, we sit here and think we are life's dominant and most intelligent beings. We'd never be able to survive Where The Wild Things Are...

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