Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where Are You Really Goin?

I was on Twitter the other day and saw somebody's tweet that said that one should never be 'content' with life because it would cause us to never strive for more. I thought to myself 'hmm...i...i don't think so.' In fact, i believe its the exact opposite.

You see, always STRIVING to reach a higher plateau will always cause your life to look like the road in the picture above. With a mindset like that, you'll never be satisfied with where you are and in the end, where will it lead you? I think that's one of the human species' flaws. We are governed by greed. Always thinking there's something better out there in the world than what's in front of us. We do it with damn near everything. We fear settling down with a person because we subconsciously long for a person out there that we feel may offer more. I mean, just look at those corporate BILLIONAIRES. What exactly is their drive? THE HUNGER FOR MORE. No matter how much money they earn, its never enough. It's similar to drug addiction...the first high that they get is an extraordinary one, so every time they get high after that they're trying to get that 'initial high' that they got on their first run. However, after trying so hard to reach that initial high feeling, they've now become full blown addicts and have messed themselves up.

The key to life's joy is not striving to reach that next's appreciating the beauty of the level that you are currently on. Appreciation and joy will attract nothing but the same in return. Like attracts like. Therefore, you will be on a more natural course of progression in life, rather than a forceful one through striving so hard. There's a book that i recently read called 'The 28 Laws of Attraction' that thoroughly explains this's a wonderful one. This is not to say that you shouldn't work hard in life. Absolutely not, that would be crazy. All im saying is that along with that hard work, no matter your condition, love and appreciate it. It will be then, that you will begin to see and enjoy life's true beauty.

Yall hear my knockin? WELL LET ME THE FUCK IN! LOL.

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