Friday, January 29, 2010


A - AVAILABLE: TO FUCK aka D.T.F. (Down to Fuck) I'm kidding.
B - BIRTHDAY: January 28th
C - CRUSHING ON: This one girl whom i call Shawty Mo
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Some sorta Bacardi =/
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: My homie Joe (pic below) LOL
F - FAVORITE SONG : 'Let Me Ride' -Dr. Dre
H - HOMETOWN: Fontana , CA =/
J - JUGGLE: my balls . .
K - KILLED SOMEONE: thru song. .
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: The ride home from San Francisco
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: One brother, one sister
O - ONE WISH: - To have those Beats by Dr. Dre headphones
R - REASON TO SMILE: Cuz the girl walkin in fronta me got butt.
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: My song 'Casual'
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: like...7am?
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: Grey (do they still say 'no homo'?)
W - WORST HABIT: Cursing
X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: My right ring finger
Y - YOYOS: You cant rock the cradle tho!
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius

Big Sean 'Supa Dupa Lemonade'

Had a lil shindig last nite..

Celebrated my 21st birthday last nite. It was fun. A nite that consisted of hotwings, summersaults, Star Trak signs, and evidence that this man clearly does not chew his all.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wow....this is the day most people look forward to their whole lives...if you didn't know, today, January 28th, marks my 21st birthday. I don't quite feel like the 'grown man' though...i still feel like the child that once was in love with the movie 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'. Or the teen who was helplessly in love to the girl two years his senior. I'm still a kid, and i'll never lose site of that inner child that speaks within's crazy...when you're a child, you never THINK that you'll grow old, but when you're an adult, you realize that you KNOW you'll never grow young again. It's like the uncertainty and innocence of childhood vs. the certainty and security of a grown man. The contrast is an interesting one..

Apple iPad

Apple officially announces the launch of its iPad, an all-new device added to the already impressive Apple roster. A tablet capable of doing everything under the sun, the iPad comes fully equipped with the ability to play videos, browse the web, read digital books, and everything in between. Official images from Apple can be seen below with further information now available via its website.

Gimme a couple months and i'll own one of these...guaranteed.

I'll Be Back....I PROMISE!

Haven't updated in a lil while but its because i've felt a little uninspired as of late...i promise i'll be back may be later on today, it may be tomorrow, but i WILL return. The thoughts in my mind are brewing...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hip-Hop LIVES!

If it's one thing in this world that i's music. And I'M TELLIN YOU that this album is a classic. I've been hinting at this project since we began to work on it in October, but now it's finally about to reveal itself. If you're anywhere in southern California and you LOVE hip-hop, then i highly recommend you be present this coming Saturday at the official listening party for Stevie Crooks' 'Diamonds & Guns'. That's all i'll say. No details of the project will be given. Come out and see for yourself. This will go down in history.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Fact of the Day

Men can read smaller print than women, but women can hear better than men.


The white and red 12's...*nuts in pants*...i remember when these came out when i was a kid. I wanted a pair SO BAD but my mom wouldn't buy em for me because we lived in a crip neighborhood so she didn't let me wear red. I had no idea, but i was at the mall the other day and saw that they just came back out. Amazing. The 12's have always been my favorite pair of J's. I need to have these. End of discussion.

AHHH! THIS SHIT IS HAAAARD! Nas and Damien Marley 'As We Enter'

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'I never had dreams of me pushin a Bentley or a Benz...i just had dreams that i had friends..gimme 3 notepads and like, 2 pens...and a girl that'll ride wit me 'til the very end..'


I find this really funny for whatever reason..

The Pervert, The Philospher, The Rebel, & The Gentleman

The four men who are the backbone of society.

Consequence feat. Asher Roth 'Childish Games'

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me '$65'

a front

It's never good to front on the people you care about. If you're gonna act stupid, act stupid all the time. But don't be this really cool person and then front on me because there's a third party involved. That's not right. Especially when you know i would never do that to you.

As Told By Ginger

Pharrell In The Studio

Footage of P in the studio making Midnight Hour for Natasha Ramos. Amazing how he come up with the beat, the melody, and the songs hook is...remarkable.

The Untouchable: Religion should i start this off? Well..first off, let me start bysayin this...its hard for me to keep my mouth shut when i see things that are totally ridiculous. SO...religion is a very touchy subject as many may know, BUT im all about controversy so im here to give my honest and whole-hearted opinion on things. TOO many people try to impose their religious beliefs on others who dont necessarily live by the same morals and principles as them. Those "religious" people even look down on the "non-believers". But why?

Back during the time of elections, there was a discussion in the barbershop on Proposition 8. The people in the shop call themselves religious so they were all for Prop 8, which prohibits same sex marriage in California. So i asked them the question "what makes you vote yes on 8?". They replied it was because the BIBLE said that a man is to be with a woman, which is all fine and dandy, thats the way it's supposed to be for the purposes of pro-creation. HOWEVER, i would never try to take away the right to marriage of another, even if i dont 100% agree with their way of living. So then i said "Well doesn't the bible also say Thou Shall Not Judge?" The debate had officially begun. It was me and my brother, against about 7 or 8 other people. Based on the numbers, needless to say, the odds were against us. After i made the 'Thall Shou Not Judge' comment, everybody had the look on their faces like "yea..but..". But nothin. And shortly afterwards, my brother brought up the fact that not too long ago, WE (African Americans) weren't even allowed to marry someone of caucasian descent. Once again came the "yea..but..."

The point im tryna make is that people want to pick and choose parts of the bible that they wanna live by, and only when it's convenient for THEM. The bible also says you're not supposed to have sex until marriage. How many of us have broken that "rule". There are also parts of the bible that mention slavery, however, that goes unnoticed. I always hear people say things like "If you don't accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, then you'll burn in hell." But according to statistics, there are only about 2.1 billion christians in the world, what about the other 3.9 billion people across the globe? Are they all gonna burn as well? Islam also says that if you dont conform, then you'll go to hell. And many other religions as well.

To be very very honest, i believe that the church SYSTEM was created for control purposes initially. Not to mention its big business. All the money that the church receives is untaxed dollars. Pastors and preachers drive around in Benzes and BMWs, paid for by their followers, some who are barely able to keep their bills payed on time, but they tithe only because they believe that by doing so, they'll receive a special blessing from God. That makes no sense to me. NOBODY should be making a living off of preaching the word of God, am i right or am i wrong?

Another question i asked that day in the barbershop was "Why are you even a Christian?" The reply was, "because that's how i was raised.." So you SO STRONGLY believe in a system, simply because thats how you were raised? That sounds kinda sheepish to me. What happened to believing in things because thats what YOU TRULY BELIEVE IN? Alotta Christians LOVE to say "The bible says this, or the bible says that", but let's really break it down. At the end of the day, the bible is only a book, a story. One that has been written and rewritten many many MANY times, and under the control of power-hungry kings and other hierarchy of that time. How can i solely live my life according to a book that im not sure of its origin?

Even as a kid, i was always the kid that asked the question "why?" I believe it's helped shape the person i am today. I can't believe in something based on the fact that its what im SUPPOSED to believe, or because it was how i was RAISED. Im an individual, and the beliefs that i live by are my own. Im not knockin any religion, but i AM knockin people who impose their beliefs on others and treat people who have different beliefs like less-thans. I believe in one God, be it man woman or simply energy. I believe in the basic principles of being a good person, such as helping those in need, treating people with respect, loving one another, etc. So if you think the way i live is wrong, fine. Call me a sinner, atheist, stupid, ignorant or whatever. But i will NEVER let anybody take away my birth right of free will and i will ALWAYS live my life doing the right thing. Besides, i think there is a good lesson in ALL religion, and something can be learned from every single one. One God, one peace, one love...

Maroon 5 and Mos Def 'Frontin/Bonita Applebum (Cover)'

CLASSIC: Super Mario Bros. 3

By far my favorite Mario game..


Us Californians are so spoiled...we get a few inches of rain and we act like the apocalypse is near LMAO. We should actually be happy that we're gettin a lil bit of rain. It's not like we get it often. Funny thing the summertime, we always wish for conditions like these, and when we have it, we wish for sweet summer to return. You know what they say...the grass is always greener on the other side.

Aziz Ansari's Night Out With Kanye West

Man, if you don't know who Aziz Ansari is, you better get familiar. One of my favorite new comedians...dude be havin me ROLLIN. But anyway, listen to him talk about the nite he hung out with Mr. West. LOL.

Take a Ride To Nowhere and Back..

If you live in SoCal, then you know about the MetroLink. I've never actually took it anywhere, but i would really like to, as strange as that may seem. I hear it's a really smooth ride. I think imma just ride it for a day to the furthest point....and ride back. Maybe take some pictures along the way...wouldn't that be cool? Who's down to come with me?

Random Fact of the Day

The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 years old. They lived in China in 1910.


You hold the light. Everything in your life is a byproduct of your thoughts. Your happiness, your sorrow, your anger....everything. Things that you've brought upon yourself. The blame stops here, today, at this instant. Take full responsibility for the actions around you, for you have caused them to come to life. You are the master of your ability, and when you wake in morning, know it, and use that knowledge to create a day fulfillment...and ultimately, a whole life of it.

Me 'Casual' (Prod. By J.Dilla)

I've posted this song before, but i was listenin to it earlier today and realized how dope it was (can i brag for a second?). I love the story in this...its a realistic one. The story is as follows:

Me and a friend are casually posted in an empty parking lot on a Friday afternoon. After meeting a girl just one week prior to the day, i begin to strangely fall in what seems like love. After smoking a whole sack of weed, and having my homie convince me that she's good for me, i do something that i would soon regret. High outta my mind and lovestruck, i make the ridiculous decision of asking this girl out OVER A TEXT, after knowing her for only one week. Of course i get rejected, and now have to live with that heartache.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Dude, You Gotta Let Go..

So many people out there tryna be rappers these days...i would say it's ridiculous, but that wouldn't be the correct way to put it. It's more like scary. You guys have let these celebrities sell you a false dream. The truth is...about 99.9% of yall ain't good enough. Everybody wants to be famous, and with the rise of Twitter, it isn't helping any. People are starting to feel as though their significance is greater than the next person because of the amount of 'followers' they have. YOU'RE NOT A CELEBRITY. This is a buncha bullshit man. The same goes with you females...alotta yall just ain't gon make it as models. Sorry...Everybody wants to be a celebrity...nobody wants to be normal anymore. The reason i say it's scary is because you're chasing so hard after this dream, only for most of you to be rejected. You're gonna look up and be 28 years old, and then what? You'll have no real work experience and you'll be lost out there in the world. There's gonna be a huge rise of unproductive citizens in the country...i can already see it. And most of these people chasing the illusion are...Black people. We gotta wake up. Is what you're doing gonna be able to provide for a family? How will you afford a home? What about if you get sick? You're not gonna have any medical benefits. Don't you ever think about these things? Aren't these the things that REALLY matter? Not saying for you to not chase your dream...i'm just sayin that you gotta know when to fall back and begin to explore more 'productive' options. Even I make music, but i make music for myself and myself only. I'm not trying to make a career of it...just as one who could draw sketches from time to time...that's how i approach making music. If you love making music, cool, that's totally fine. But let music be your art, and not your occupation. #imjustsayin

Sorry...i'm a realist.


A Million Dollars..

Having a million dollars and having one-thousand dollars is the same thing...for most people. Sounds ridiculous right? I don't think so...Why, you ask? GREED. Money is all about scaling...large scale or small scale, you must live within your means. When a person has a thousand dollars to their name, they spend money accordingly...Why? Because they know they're not financially stable enough to spend frivolously. Let's say that person is 21 years old. A thousand dollars to spend for leisure is a healthy piece of change for someone of that age, wouldn't you say? Now...give that same 21 year old ONE MILLION dollars and watch what happens. That money would eat away at itself faster than you'd know...This is people, we're so used to adapting a lifestyle according to how much money we have. This isn't the way to all. One should adapt a lifestyle according to comfort...a healthy comfort though.

Since that 21 year old now has a million dollars, he's gonna change his WHOLE lifestyle because of the money he just inherited. If he drives a Honda Accord, he's most likely now gonna go out and buy a luxury car. He's gonna eat more expensive, date more expensive, LIVE more expensive. Thing's he used to pay $20 for he's now gonna pay $200 for...all because he can. This is the fool's guide to going broke real fast. Prior to the inheritance of the million dollars, he's lived his entire life amongst the less-than-luxurious objects and he's been just fine. Happy even...Why can't that guy live the same life that he used to live and still have money? Pay attention...this is what most of us do. Instead of living on the thousand dollar scale, he now lives on the million dollar scale. Money spends itself. Don't live on a scale based on digits, live on a scale based on comfort and happiness. This is a concept that takes maturity. Not even gonna lie...this is a level of maturity that i myself haven't even fully reached. However, i do work hard on improving my spending habits so when i DO have large sums of money, i'll know how to live about it.

This is just a tip for any of you who may one day encounter large sums of money. Remember, just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you can afford it. The same goes with any amount of money, i just used a million as an example. If you usually only have $100 to spend then all of a sudden, you come up on $1000, don't start to spend as if you've gained. This is how we always have a lump sum of money then end up saying to ourselves 'Damn, where did all my money go?' It's because you began to live on the thousand dollar scale. FUCK THE SCALE. Live comfortably. If you choose to adopt a larger lifestyle because of money, you'll also adopt larger spending. It's basic mathematics. Big money is only for the responsible...which is why only the responsible have it. In the isn't how much money you have, it's how you live.

1,000,000 = 1,000.

Planet: You (A MUST-READ!!!)

For whatever reason, i think about the most abstract things when i'm in the shower. I don't know if it's the sensation of warm water that puts my mind and body in a relaxed state...or maybe it's the repetition of hearing the water come from the sprout that puts me in a trans...IDK! But this is a concept that i've been thinkin about for a while now...and yes, i came up with it while in the shower lol..

The Earth...the Human Body...they're sorta synonymous in many ways. The Earth is composed mostly of is the human body. Everyday, the sun the sun rises, light is shed on the earth's horizon...light is to awaken. Darkness is to hide or to suppress. Just as the light is shed and darkness falls, those are the times of day we rise and fall as well. Wake in the morning, lay at nite. The changes of the weather on the Earth are synonymous to a human's emotion. There is even factual evidence that we change physically, mentally, and emotionally as the seasons pass.

Think about THIS though...the human body has different cells and different organs to carry out various tasks to maintain our health. We have cells that multiply to form other cells, cells that function in the transportation of oxygen from one part of the body to another, we even have cells that destroy and eat away at others (namely Killer T Cells or NKT). Along with the cells we have in our bodies that assist us, we also have things like bacteria and disease that harm us. These cells are LIVING ORGANISMS WITHIN US. This is where i'm going with this...the Earth we live in is nothing but one big living organism...very very similar to our bodies. We are the cells inside of the 'earth's body' so to speak, along with animals, plants, and all other living inhabitants on the planet. I believe that every person and every thing on this earth was born with a purpose. Identifying and knowing that purpose aids in the overall well-being of the Earth, in a large scale. There are also people who are born 'bad' or 'evil'. Those are the Earth's bacteria...the harmful agents. I saw this special once, i forgot what channel, but it talked about if all human life on Earth stopped at this very instant, it showed how the Earth would naturally repair itself. Structures that we've put up (buildings) would collapse and over time, thousands of years, the Earth would naturally restore itself to how it was once before, and it would look like a natural would look as if human life never existed in the first place. I thought to myself 'Hmmm...THE EXACT SAME THING goes for us humans!' If we cut ourselves, our bodies have ways of repairing itself and over time, you would never be able to tell we damaged our skin in the first place. Or if we get sick...over time, our bodies fight off that illness and a week or two later, we feel as if we've never been sick at all.

Do you get what i'm saying though? I hope so...the Earth is ONE BIG BODY. And we are the cells and organs of that body. Each of us carrying on a specific function. Who knows...inside of our bodies, might even be some sort of society as well...You ever seen the movie Osmosis Jones? It might not be as fictional as you may have thought. And inside of THOSE cells, might be another environment. Even our isn't the largest of strata (level). Our planet belongs to a solar system, that belongs to a galaxy, that belongs to the universe (the entire form of existence).

With all of the technological advancements and pollution that we put in the air, humans may very well be the baceria (or the catalyst for bacteria) of the planet...just as fungus is bacteria in our bodies. Like i said, this is a concept that's been lingering in my mind for a while, but i was on a long ride home last nite from San Diego and i was listening to Digable Planets and i heard one of the members say 'People are planets..' That statement couldn't have been more true...


Saturday, January 16, 2010



Not a fan of G-Shocks but this one is kinda hard...

The Book of Eli, Grade: A+

This is strange...i've seen to A+ movies in a row. I'm not one to say a movie is an A+ unless i really believe so. Haven't seen a weak movie in a while...this is odd. But anyway, great GREAT movie. Not gonna give away the plot, but just know that it's GOOD. You kinda have to know a little bit about faith to understand it though...not faith as far as Christianity necessarily, but FAITH. Just go watch it and judge it for yourself. But if you're movie comprehension skills suck and you're not the type to be able to see a movie's plot from another perspective, you're not gonna like it. Just a heads up. Oh, and don't let the commercials fool you. It's not a super action packed movie...its meaning is much deeper.

Left Brain, Right Brain

..a pretty cool image.

Where In This World Are YOU?

Ok, think about this for a second...think about how many people's minds stay in the same realm, all the time. Just really let that thought sit on your mind...hopefully you're not one of those of those people who think about the same kinda shit every single day. Girls/dudes...functions...weed/alcohol...gettin money. Don't know if you realize it, but there are alot of people out there that don't let their minds roam anywhere at all..that's sad. Perhaps the main focus of this blog is to assist in getting you to think about things you may not have thought about before. I hope you guys really soak in some of the things i write about man...i put alotta thought into em. The mind is such a fascinating organ...thoughts are so much more powerful than you may realize. Thoughts take you places...and the best thing about thought is that it's unrestricted. You sit here in the physical, yes, but when zoning out to a thought, you're being is in a whole different realm. It's so beautiful. The mental state is so far greater than the physical. Your actual body is nothing but your physical state, your avatar so to speak (hope you get out to see that movie). For example, a dream is a great example of you traveling to another land...all while you physically lay in bed. When dreaming, you are so deep in thought and you begin to tap into the subconscious mind, and you literally FEEL those things you dream about. A dream is nothing but a stream of thought sequenced into what seems/feels real. THOUGHTS.

This is why i'm such an advocate of one tapping into his/her mind. I try to get you all to use parts of your mind that you may have never thought to use...or to stimulate parts of your mind that you may have forgot about...which is the reason i post all the old cartoons of the past. When you see those images of the cartoons that you once loved, you become a kid once more, even if only for a few moments. The mind is so can use it for more than you know. BELEE DAT! lol


Terrence's Tip of the Day

Do you sometimes find it hard to get outta bed and start your day off in a good mood? Here's somethin i've been doin and i'm surprised as to how well it's worked. Before you get out of the bed in the morning, think of the absolute funniest thing you can think of. Whether it's a part of a movie that's hilarious or simply some shit somebody said that made you laugh real hard. Take that moment to laugh to yourself, and AS YOU'RE LAUGHING, get outta the bed and get your day started. Trust me...this ALWAYS works for me.

Where Are You Really Goin?

I was on Twitter the other day and saw somebody's tweet that said that one should never be 'content' with life because it would cause us to never strive for more. I thought to myself 'hmm...i...i don't think so.' In fact, i believe its the exact opposite.

You see, always STRIVING to reach a higher plateau will always cause your life to look like the road in the picture above. With a mindset like that, you'll never be satisfied with where you are and in the end, where will it lead you? I think that's one of the human species' flaws. We are governed by greed. Always thinking there's something better out there in the world than what's in front of us. We do it with damn near everything. We fear settling down with a person because we subconsciously long for a person out there that we feel may offer more. I mean, just look at those corporate BILLIONAIRES. What exactly is their drive? THE HUNGER FOR MORE. No matter how much money they earn, its never enough. It's similar to drug addiction...the first high that they get is an extraordinary one, so every time they get high after that they're trying to get that 'initial high' that they got on their first run. However, after trying so hard to reach that initial high feeling, they've now become full blown addicts and have messed themselves up.

The key to life's joy is not striving to reach that next's appreciating the beauty of the level that you are currently on. Appreciation and joy will attract nothing but the same in return. Like attracts like. Therefore, you will be on a more natural course of progression in life, rather than a forceful one through striving so hard. There's a book that i recently read called 'The 28 Laws of Attraction' that thoroughly explains this's a wonderful one. This is not to say that you shouldn't work hard in life. Absolutely not, that would be crazy. All im saying is that along with that hard work, no matter your condition, love and appreciate it. It will be then, that you will begin to see and enjoy life's true beauty.

Yall hear my knockin? WELL LET ME THE FUCK IN! LOL.