Thursday, April 29, 2010

THIS IS THE BEST SONG I'VE HEARD IN A LONG WHILE! Mayer Hawthorne 'Maybe So, Maybe No'

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

Birthday gift to a dear friend..

She's a big Kanye fan so i gave made her this piece and wrote some of the names of her favorite tracks from 'Ye....i gave up my autographed copy of The College Dropout. It wasn't an easy thing to do but i'm sure she'd appreciate it more than i ever would...Happy 20th Raquel!

Wicked Good Time

These are tite.

I'm always gonna use the word 'tite'.

JOURNAL ENTRY #2 April 29th, 2010

Waddup tho?! Alrite, so tell me why i went to a Nas concert last Saturday?! Shit was very very epic. Oh, Little Brother and Murs were there as well. They kilt that shit too....but it was so crazy to see Nas perform some of my favorite songs of ALL TIME RIGHT IN FRONTA MY FACE. He did most of Illmatic. To be honest, i wasn't even that hyped up physically. I just stood there and watched in amazement....true inspiration. But besides that? Hmmm...what else has been goin on? Work is work i guess....although i do like the hours because it leaves me with the whole day to do whatever it is i need to do. The people there are cool too...lets see....after many months of not being able to see ANYTHING, i finally got 3 new sets of contacts! As dumb as it sounds, being able to once again see makes me appreciate life much more. It really does...everything looks as though it's in high definition. Crazy right? But that's all i have for now, see you on Journal Entry #3.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Week: Enter The Wu-Tang/36 Chambers

Alrite, this week's album purchase goes to Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers. RZA's production on this album is amazing. He's probably one of my biggest influences as far as production. He purposely creates his drums to sound gritty and grimy, and at times, i sorta do the same thing. This is the album that introduced the world to the Wu-Tang Clan and contains hits such as 'Protect Ya Neck' 'Method Man' and 'C.R.E.A.M.'. Released in 1993, it still remains to be one of Hip-Hop's most important and revered albums.

Think, Period.

The following videos are a recording of me choppin it up wit my homie Steven about a buncha random stuff....interesting tho. LMFAO @ how i started the conversation on the second video.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stevie Crooks '48'

Stevie Crooks - 48 by Stevie Crooks

Speakin of Stevie, i just sent him this text:

'I just crafted the most retarded beat for you! This shit is mentally challenged! Contact me ASAP!!!'


Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Favorite Commercial! LOL

The Associative Laws of the Universe

Growing up, i've always heard people say 'You are who you hang around..'. For years, i dismissed it as bullshit, but as i grow older and wiser, i've come to realize that there is a science behind that statement.

You see...that statement is valid due to the associative laws of this universe. The associative laws serve to help us survive. EVERYTHING THAT IS DONE NATURALLY ON THIS PLANET IS FOR THE AID OF OUR SURVIVAL. THATS THE BEAUTY OF THE UNIVERSE! But anyway...survival. You are what/who you surround yourself with, for better or for worse. Examples. When we are exposed to the sun, we become tanned. In that tanning process, our bodies create melanin, a pigment used to protect us from harmful UV rays. If you surround yourself with 10 people who are all similar, you'll slowly adapt their ways. Not because you think they're cool, but because thats the way association works. It's science. The universe is designed to equip you with whatever elements you need to survive in that particular environment. It's why we get goosebumps...they serve as insulation for the skin to protect against the cold. On the flip, sweat serves as coolant for the body. I've even read that if you put a group females in an environment, then over time, they'll all begin to menstruate at the same time. Us humans alter ourselves to our surroundings.

I've noticed something VERY interesting. See, i grew up in LA but moved out to the I.E. when i was thirteen. The Inland Empire and Los Angeles contain TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT STYLES OF LIVING. Life seems to be quicker out in Los're kinda forced to grow up faster. The interesting thing is that if you take a 16 year old male that's grown up in the inner city and a 16 year old male that has lived in the suburbs his whole life, they look completely different. I've noticed that people in the inner cities look WAY more mature...this is due to the environment. When i was in middle school out in LA, there were 7th graders with full-grown beards. Out here, you hardly see that. Perfect example of the associative laws in action. Knowing this, begin to surround yourself with positivity, love and'll have no choice but to begin to adapt and assimilate. Trust.

The Fear That Consumes Us..

They say the only two emotions that us human beings live by is fear and love, all other emotions are sub-emotions of the two. I couldn't agree serves as progression, while fear's job is to hinder. We fear so many things every single day...things we aren't even aware that we fear. We harness power that is unmeasurable, but we'll never be able to unlock it unless we begin to overcome the fear that consumes us.

We constantly fear events that'll occur in the future, losing sight of the greatest gift, which is the present. And if you really think about it, your fear almost always outweighs the actual outcome. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE PRESENT. We seem to forget we spend time dwelling on the past, and/or fearing the future. Think about many times have you missed out on an opportunity to talk to a girl/guy simply because you were too scared to approach them? How many times have you missed out on an opportunity to connect to a stranger because as you walked past them, you were scared to make eye contact? Fear completely kills the point where people are even afraid to be themselves because they're scared that they won't be accepted as people.

The fear of death is something that more people fear than not...i hate to say this, and i know it sounds bad, but that religion is responsible for that. We live our lives in fear that once we die, we may go to a realm of darkness where we will suffer for an eternity...if we're not good enough people. The bible even says that you are too FEAR GOD. Really? Why should we fear the entity that is all knowing and all LOVING? If we all knew that once we died, we'd be in a place of comfort and love, we'd feel much better about living here on earth, therefore getting rid of alot of that crippling fear (YouTube 'near death experiences'). We'd be one step closer to reaching full potential. Thus making us more capable. I believe that somewhere long ago, the concept of Love was kidnapped and implemented into a system that would allow a certain group (Illuminati?) to control us. EVIDENCE SHOWS that when controlling a subject, that subject must first FEAR YOU. It's actually much like training a dog. Therefore the concept of Love was worked into what we know as religion, which tells you that if you don't follow it, THEN YOU WILL FOREVER BURN IN THE FIREY PITS OF HELL! Cmon...really? I doubt it. The basic concept of Love is there, but different systems were created to separate us as people, making it easier for 'them' to control us. There should only be one religion in this world....LOVE.

But anyway, i've began to stray from my point....Stop saying no to life and start saying YES. No is fear, Yes is Love. Say those two words to literally say them to yourself out loud RITE NOW. Don't those two words give you a completely different feeling when you say them? Watch the movie 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey. There's a great underlying message in that movie that you should pay attention to. Fear prohibits every single great opportunity that this world has in store for you. Being brave and saying 'Yes' not only enables an opportunity for that situation, but it's the beginning of saying yes to life and all it has to offer.

watchu know about it?

This here is Sade's FIRST album Diamond Life.

We Have Fun

It looks like everybody is in their own little world in this picture...this is funny.

Nature is to Nurture

We went on a lil family hike yesterday at this mountain right by my house...good times. The BlackBerry Storm's camera amazes me. If you take a picture at the right time of day, the pics come out looking artful.

Vashtie (aka OOH SHE BADD) Interview


JOURNAL ENTRY #1 April 10th, 2010

It's been quite a while since i've regurgitated my thoughts onto this blog of mines...i hope my lack of productivity on here hasn't caused some of the faithful readers to stray. Well, i figure every now and then i should post journal entry type of posts...SO HERE GOES! Umm, let's see, what have i been up to? Well, i finally put out a full body of music and presented as a whole. That's something i've been talkin about doing since 2006! I'm glad to have finally got that done. But i'm even MORE glad to hear all of the good feedback. I really do appreciate all the phone calls, texts, and tweets (and RT's) telling me how much people are enjoying it. It's actually kinda overwhelming...i honestly didn't expect for this many positive responses due to the fact that those are songs that are so like...SUPER personal. Idk....those are songs that i've been holding onto since '08/'09. As time passes, i learn so much more about music, i really do consider myself a student of the art. SO, when i start to write again, the music will be MUCH better.

Lets see, what else, what else...oh, i just started working at this new job. TARGET. Don't judge me...i gotta do what i gotta do, alrite? LOL. It's an early morning shift job, 4am-10am. My mom and stepdad are moving to LA on May 1st and they're leaving this big ass house to lil 'ol me. That said, i'm looking to find job #2. Best Buy didn't fall thru as expected...i don't understand because i had TWO interviews the other day...who knows, maybe they'll call me back. They want me to be a TV salesman lol. Living here on my own will be something i'll have to get used to...NO ROOMMATES THO! The whole objective is for me to finally be on my own. The only person i'd let move in here with me is my girl, which i have yet to meet so....anyways, enough rambling, that's my first journal post for now...hey, that felt kinda cool. Maybe i'll do another one tomorrow..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pharrell Interview

Nothing to Fear..

YALL GOTTA WATCH THIS! This is the most natural i've ever seen Michael Jackson...amazing

For Certain

It's a funny thing to watch myself mature before my own eyes...things that used to mean the world to me no longer carry any weight. Ok, for example...i just got out of dating this one girl or whatever...this girl was GORGEOUS. Everywhere we went, we were complimented because we looked so fitting as a couple. Everybody who knows me knows that beautiful women are my weakness....or should i say, WERE my weakness. The problem between this girl and i was that we really weren't all. She wasn't what i was lookin for, and i wasn't was she was lookin for. Nothing personal, but sometimes things just don't work out. At the end of the day, when i would rest my head on my pillow, i wasn't exactly happy. Nowadays, i'm definitely certain on what it is that i'm looking for, and refuse to settle for anything less. I need a woman who can stir my mind with her conversation. Sure, a good looking woman can get me excited physically (lol), but what about mental and spiritual stimulation? That's what really matters...i've yet to find that. In any successful relationship, there must be an attraction between two souls, not just the two bodies. I know that you're out there but FUCK, where in the world are you?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stevie Crooks 'Gnarly' Promo

Stevie Crooks -Gnarly from The Topshelf Company on Vimeo.

Still waitin for that Crooklyn video to drop...i was on the set about a month ago and lemme tell you...that video is about to be a MONSTER.

In this past month, I've really learned the importance of compatibility.


TLC - Crazy Sexy Cool
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Sade - Love Deluxe
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814
Marvin Gaye - What's Goin On?
Musiq Soulchild - Juslisen
Prince - Purple Rain
Toni Braxton - Toni Braxton
Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothin But A Number
Anita Baker - Rapture
Amy Winehouse - Frank
Mary J Blige - What's The 411?

This is a lil project i put together yesterday...came out pretty clean