Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflection Eternal & Statik Selektah: The RE:Union (Mixtape)

1. Intro
2. Revolutions Per Minute
3. In This World
4. Hip-Hop (Unreleased)
5. Back Again
6. Wishing On A Black Star
7. Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole, & Mos Def
8. Come Around ft. Termanology & Royce da 5′9 (produced by Statik Selektah)
9. Internet Connection
10. Let It Go ft. Dion
11. Testify ft. Styles P
12. Time
13. The Thrill Is Gone ft. Styles P (produced by Statik Selektah)
14. Can We Go Back The Reflection Eternal Classics:
15. Fortified Live ft. Mos Def & Mr Man
16. Chaos ft Bahamadia
17. The Express
18. Respiration ft. Common & Mos Def
19. Definition ft. Mos Def
20. RE:Defininition ft. Mos Def
21. Move Something
22. Ghetto Afterlife ft Kool G Rap
23. The Blast RMX ft. Erykah Badu
24. Good To You (produced by Kanye West)
25. Get By REMIX ft. Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes (produced by Kanye west)
26. Back Up Offa Me
27. Piano (Hi Tek ft. Ghostface)
28. Music is Life (Hi Tek ft. Nas)
29. Hang Ups (NEW Reflection Eternal not on album)
30. Outro

Terrence's Tip of the Day: Happy New Year

While it's not quite 2010 yet, i wish you all a Happy New Year in advance. If you have a New Year resolution that you truly wish to keep, don't tell anybody what it is. Talk is so cheap. A New Year's resolution is supposed to be a promise you make to yourself that will lead you to live a bit of a better don't talk about what you're gonna do in this new year, LIVE it.

All Previous Unsaved Data Will Be Lost..

If its one place i can be completely and no holds barred honest, its here. 2008 and 2009 were years that i am not proud of. i took my first drink in 2008...i began to smoke somewhat heavy in 2009, and its brought me to a place in life that i really wish to withdraw from. Made a couple friends and lost more than a few...i hate to make New Years resolutions because they simply dont work. however, since we're on the turn of a decade, mentally, i feel this is my chance to come anew.

during these last two years, ive intoxicated myself into a zone of comfort. i guess its because i lost something in early 2008 and ive been subconsciously tryna replace that feeling with another. From September 15th 2006 up until February 1st, 2008, i was in a very committed relationship with a young lady that i was almost certain i would be with for the rest of my life. Long story short, it didn't end up that way and because i spent so much my time and love on a person, the abrupt ending broke me...

for a year and a half, i've tried to walk around like things didn't affect me...i looked at emotional vulnerability as being weakness...after that relationship, i went from female to female (not in a sleezy way) trying to create environments similar to that of which i once had to fill that empty void in my life....time and time again, i would fall short in my attempt to choose a person that i could emotionally connect with. with each attempt, i began to fall deeper and deeper into the proverbial pit of emptiness...which is when i discovered ways to temporarily escape from sorrow's stranglehold. i took my first drink in April of 2008 and it was the first time i had been under any kind of influence. Being drunk actually felt GREAT, and i needed that break from reality since i was still hurt from the breakup, as it was still fresh in my mind..

i thought the feeling of alcoholic intoxication couldn't be matched until the first time i had smoked weed, which came later that year on October 30th, 2008...i've always been good with remembering exact dates...the weed made things a million times as fun while sober...i laughed, joked, and more often, vibed to music in a way that i could have never imagined...that was when i first started...after a while, i needed to smoke more and more to get the same feeling i did when i was new to the drug. after a while, weed was no longer an emotional stimulant and it became a depressant. while high, i began to think of how my life SHOULD be instead of what it was. and for anyone who smokes, you know that marijuana makes you focus so hard on the thoughts that occur in your mind. at times when high, i even cried because i just wanted my soul to be at peace but i knew that peace was many miles away. So from October 30th 2008, up until last night December 30th 2009, my life has been under the influence of a substance other than the thoughts of my own mind...and even though i've recently cut back on weed 75%, im ready to be 100% in control of where my life is order to get back my old ways of living, i must eliminate everything this new life has given to me. its the only way...

when i was a kid, i would play a video game for hours...sometimes until the game itself froze and i would have to manually reset it. The part that sucked about that was that all my progress was lost and i would have to start ALL the way over from where i began. For some reason, i feel that the coming of this new decade is God's gift to me, as he is granting me the chance to pick up life from where i left it on October 30th, 2008. True peace of mind has been on hold, just as my video games back in the day froze...only this time,the progress made won't be a loss. As i get up off my couch, walk over to my dusty Nintendo 64, a piece (peace) of me is regained as i smile to myself and press 'Reset'.

I'm making an honest promise to myself and to God that i will never drink or smoke EVER again..


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

REPOST: Sundays at my house..

Terrence's Tip of the Day

I see this shit happen all the often, a guy and a girl who are 'best friends' for a while, try to date each other later on. This is a very dangerous thing to do. The only time two people should ever do this, is if they're absolutely SURE that they'll stay together. Because if not, not only will you lose a girlfriend or boyfriend, you'll lose your best friend as well. Things can NEVER be the same, and although you may go back to being somewhat cool with that ex, the nature of you two's relationship will be an awkward one forever. So unless you're willing to sacrifice that great platonic relationship, I'd say to not ever cross that line. You knew that she/he was the type of person that you'd like in the first place, before you became 'best friends'. So if you ever feel like you may have an interest in a person, you should always let it be known...before its too late, and you become stuck in the 'friend zone'. (Hey, that


Download: TiRon - Sydney

Random Thought..

If hypnosis is really real like they say it is, and you can get a regular ass normal citizen to cluck like a fuckin chicken, then how come it isn't used more often to cure things like drug addiction, depression, obesity, etc? TELL ME DAT! LOL.

REPOST: The Paths of Life

Have you ever just sat and thought about the paths of life? It really trips me out when i think about it...and i think about it ALOT. Life is a journey, and everyone's journey is one of their own. About 6 billion or so different journeys goin on at once, some inter-mingling, some not...some of the smallest little events can send your life on a totally different path without you ever even stopping to give it any thought. SOMETHING SO VERY VERY SMALL!!!!! For example, if you hear a certain song right now at this very moment, that song will trigger a thought, and that same thought will indeed trigger another and another and another. Then a collection of those thoughts will lead to an action. An action that would never have taken place if it weren't for that thought, and that action will lead to another, and another. Now, those actions have created more thoughts, which in turn, inevitably, create more action. You followin me? Good. Think about this...its about to get complex...

You can decide to step out somewhere today, i dont know, lets use Barnes & Noble bookstore as an example. You can potentially meet the woman/man of your dreams and BOOM, the path that you were on prior to stumbling upon that person has totally shifted. And this is how...a short while after the two of you date, you engage in a committed relationship. Thus, shifting your state of existence because you now develop different thoughts than ones you may have developed had you not had this person in your life. Different thoughts lead to different things, places, people, etc. Along with those things, come different opportunity. Your mindset is a total new one due to these changes in your life. That new mindset produces fresh new ideas, and one of those ideas have caused you to want to venture into a certain field of study, let's use the medical field as an example. Years later, you now thrive as a successful MD and on that path to becoming such, you've formed many relationships with different people, and have endured different things, ALL THE WHILE developing new thought (thought is on-going and never-ending) which constantly shifts your path of life. Years and years later, you enjoy the abundant lifestyle of having a career in the medical field, your family is great, and you now have an 18 year old kid ready to follow in his or her mom/dads footsteps of success...But let's trace everything back to its origin. A certain SMALL something led to your desire to go to Barne's & Noble, which led you to meet your mate, which caused a shift in lifestyle, which ultimately led to your abundant lifestyle of happiness and healthiness. All because of a Nas lyric that said "Written in school textbooks, bibles et cetera, Fuck a school lecture..." That rhyme somehow caused you to think, which somehow influenced you to go to a bookstore, and well..the rest is history. The paths of life...crazy ain't it?

REPOST: Human...The Perfect Specimen

Human beings....we really are the perfect specimen and don't even know it. Most of us just walk around day to day conscious of only what lies in front of us in plain view to see. But have you ever really thought about what we are underneath the surface? There's more to life than what meets the eye. Being in tune with ourselves helps us to reach our full potential...physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Just think about it...think about everything your body does involuntarily. When your body is cold, what happens? Goosebumps start to form on the skin, but what most don't know is that those goosebumps appear on your skin to serve as insulation to keep your body warm. When you get hot, what happens? We sweat. That perspiration serves as our bodies' coolant to protect us from the heat. Imagine if we didn't have that. We would burn, literally. We have eye lashes to prevent debris from entering our eyes and damaging us. These things aren't coincidential. The human body always has your best interests in mind. All the time. No matter what. When we consume things that are harmful to our bodies, our bodies naturally rid themselves of the toxins that cause ailment (throw up). Just as those things happen in the physical matter, they also happen metaphysically as well. You ever heard of a gut feeling? Following your gut feeling, or conscious, will always 100% of the time lead you in the positive direction. It's simply the way we were built.

Our brains harness more power than any machine ever could. EVER. Which is why it's so important to feed our brains the necessary things that it needs to remain at full functionality. We must remain positive through any situation, any other emotion is detrimental to our beings. Anger is an emotion that is learned. So is jealousy. Almost all negative feelings are learned, because from birth, we are only equipped with the positive. Which is why when we look at small children, we gain a sense of euphoria, a sense of happiness...a sense of peace. They are still in the natural stages of life. It is society that teaches us otherwise...SOCIETY. We are the only species, at least to my knowledge, that live within a system. We live by laws, rules, principles, morals, etc. As humans, we're nothing but mammals...ANIMALS. There's one thing that drives the human race...if you have it, then you're everything....if you don't have it, then you're nothing. Worthless. Isn't it crazy to know that the whole human race is governed by little green pieces of paper. MONEY RULES THE WORLD. WHICH IS WHY YOU SEE PRINTED ON ANY FORM OF CURRENCY, "IN GOD WE TRUST." What kinda shit is that?

We gotta break away from this system. We humans have power. Special power. Some may even call it magic. We have the power to become anything we wanna become. All it takes is the mind. Have you ever faked a headache to stay home from school? You put so much effort into that lie, and then all of a sudden YOU REALLY GET A HEADACHE. That's no coincidence. That's the laws of the universe in effect. Which is why we have to be careful of the things we say. We truly do speak things into existence. We have the ability to have and do ANYTHING. Very few people know this and don't wanna share it with the rest of the world. Those forces are evil. Get in tune with yourself...with your mind. Please be who YOU are. Im not a Bible head or anything, but i think the Bible says something about us being created in His image. All that means is that we were created as perfect beings...that perfection is stripped away by society. By evil. When we dream, we return to that state of perfection, because in a dream, anything can be done. We fly in our dreams, we're wealthy, we have that perfect soul mate, etc. ALL IN OUR DREAMS. I think that is because in the dream state, we travel to a place so far deep into our human minds that anything is possible because our perfection knows no limit. Occasionally, we pull extraordinary things from our dreams into "reality" because we focus on them to a point where that particular thing, person, or event is materialized. All this is done with your mind...I believe when we die physically, we return to that dream state indefinitely. Us humans are perfection...but first...we must tune into ourselves to let that ray of light shine to the rest of the world...Please be happy...its only good for you.

Hand To Mouth

This week's purchase goes to General Public's 'Hand To Mouth' LP. Okay, imma be honest. I've actually never been interested in any of their music, but there's a record store over here called Madd Platter that has vinyl for 99cent! I collect em and use em as decorative pieces in my room. This vinyl cover looked pretty cool so i bought it. UUUUH SON!

yup yup

Seen at Urban Outfitters..

Somethin to think about..

Say there were two sets of twins right? A set of guys and a set of girls. And one guy marries one girl, and the other twin guy marries the other twin girl....and they have kids, both couples have one boy each...since you now have two sets of married couples that are identical, how similar do you think each married couples' boys will look? Will they look close to twins? Do you get what i'm sayin tho? I wonder..

A Very Merry Christmas..

This may very well be one of the greatest Christmas gifts i've ever gotten. When i unwrapped this gift, i had to come upstairs for a few because it choked me up....i got a lil teary-eyed. It's a picture of me and my little man (nephew) when he was only about a year old. It's good to always have a visual reminder of the things that REALLY matter in life. Family..


Diamonds & Guns...2010. Don't make me have to say it again.

Oh, and by the way, i will be performing alongside Crooks, who will be opening for Wiz Khalifa on Saturday, January 2nd at the GlassHouse in Pomona. Come out and support...we bout to shut that shit DOWN. #MOMF!


Kanye and Amber serve the homeless...

'It Don't Take A Whole Day To Recognize Sunshine'

I have a very special friend who LOVES Common so i gave this to her as a Xmas gift. It's an autographed copy of his latest album 'Universal Mind Control'. I actually got the pleasure of meeting him last December and he was a real cool dude. When he asked me if i wanted him to personalize it by putting my name on it, i told him no. I wasn't sure why...but maybe it was meant for me to give this as a gift? Who knows...but i'm glad she appreciated it.

The Look of Love..

Snapped this pic at about 6:30am on the freeway on my way to San Diego. I wish i had my official camera for this...this was just a cellphone picture. If love had a look, i believe it to look like this..

Monday, December 21, 2009


..and don't ever look back..

DJ CornBreeze Presents...She Loves Her Cornbread Vol.1

Random ass thought

Ok, so anybody who knows me knows i think of the most random shit EVER. I've always been fascinated by time zones or whatever. But look tho...if Alabama and Georgia are neighboring states with two different time zones, how does that work? Think about it...imagine the border between the two states. If they're on two separate time zones, then on the actual border, what time is it? You ever thought about that? How can it possibly be a different time between Georgia and Alabama? When the sun is setting on the Georgia border, is it also setting in Alabama? And if so, then it must be the same time. But what about the different time zones? Did i confuse you?

Terrence's Tip of the Day

Us humans have the need to fulfill every area of emotion there is. You ever get mad at somebody, and get over it too fast? And you think to yourself 'MAN! I WANTED TO STAY MAD A LIL LONGER THAN THAT!' Or maybe you've felt sad and actually WANTED to wallow around in your sorrow because its a zone of comfort. It's human nature. We tend to want to feel every type of emotion there is, whether consciously or subconsciously. Another example would be our wanting to go see a horror flick. We WANT that fear, as long as it's controlled and sustainable. However, to maintain a healthy being, happiness should always be the regulatory emotion. So if you tend to get down for whatever reason, don't try to convince yourself that you're not down. Understand and accept it. If ever you feel the need to cry about something, let your tears flow. However, you must tell yourself 'Ok, life's got me down right now, but this is only temporary and i accept. I know I won't be down forever, and most likely, i'll laugh tomorrow.' Learn to master your emotion. Understanding grants you the ability to control. Grab hold of your thoughts, learn them, and accept them. It will be then, that you will have a tighter grip on life.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Midnight Marauders

Keeping my promise to music, this week's purchase goes to A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders. I should have BEEN owned this. This is by far my favorite album of theirs. It has one of my favorite rap songs of all time on it, 'Award Tour'. The Tribe is the best rap group of all time...and i'll argue with anybody who thinks otherwise.

The Ghost of Christmas Past..

Damn...where the hell did Christmas go? Remember when you were a kid, and right around December 14th, you'd wait til your parents leave to work and you would look all around the house for your gifts? Me and my brother used to find damn near ALL of em. Did you ever unwrap all your gifts and wrap em back up without anybody noticing? Or remember when you'd poke a small hole in each gift to try to peak and see what it is? What about that BMX bike that you wanted, but instead got a mountain bike? Then test riding that mountain bike down the street on Christmas morning to the point where you had tears in your eyes from the cold weather. Tryna go to sleep EXTRA early (like 6pm) to try to make Christmas Day come quicker...But as age crept upon you, Christmas slowly began to lose it's magic. Wrapped gifts were then replaced with your gift inside a bag. Sleepless Christmas Eve nights were replaced with goin out to celebrate with a few drinks. Suddenly, the Charlie Brown Christmas special didn't mean as much to you as it did once before. Gifts under the tree? Yea...there might be a few...hell, there may even be ALOT...but as you check to see who they're for, your name is nowhere to be found. Your mind begins to be filled with a bit of sadness, although you'll NEVER show it on your face, as you think to yourself 'What about me?' You then realize that your childhood is behind you as you let out a sigh and walk past the tree. Yea sure, there'll be Christmas spirit in your house on the 25th, but it'll be present in the faces of your little cousins as you watch them open their gifts in a craze that you identify all too well with. As they rampantly tear away the wrapping that your mother so diligently wrapped, a smile comes to your face as you then realize that they're souls are harnessing the same joy that you once shared. That is when you come to grips with reality and let go all of the selfish thoughts you had all month as you say to yourself 'Merry Christmas..'

Ordinary People (Aaron Chapman)

Aaron, who is my homie Kelley's uncle, is one of my favorite people to chop it up with. He's a blue's singer and guitarist, and i love sittin back and soakin up the knowledge that he drops. Just a couple more clips from my Ordinary People series. Check it out..

Watching him grow has been nothing short of amazing.