Friday, December 18, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas Past..

Damn...where the hell did Christmas go? Remember when you were a kid, and right around December 14th, you'd wait til your parents leave to work and you would look all around the house for your gifts? Me and my brother used to find damn near ALL of em. Did you ever unwrap all your gifts and wrap em back up without anybody noticing? Or remember when you'd poke a small hole in each gift to try to peak and see what it is? What about that BMX bike that you wanted, but instead got a mountain bike? Then test riding that mountain bike down the street on Christmas morning to the point where you had tears in your eyes from the cold weather. Tryna go to sleep EXTRA early (like 6pm) to try to make Christmas Day come quicker...But as age crept upon you, Christmas slowly began to lose it's magic. Wrapped gifts were then replaced with your gift inside a bag. Sleepless Christmas Eve nights were replaced with goin out to celebrate with a few drinks. Suddenly, the Charlie Brown Christmas special didn't mean as much to you as it did once before. Gifts under the tree? Yea...there might be a few...hell, there may even be ALOT...but as you check to see who they're for, your name is nowhere to be found. Your mind begins to be filled with a bit of sadness, although you'll NEVER show it on your face, as you think to yourself 'What about me?' You then realize that your childhood is behind you as you let out a sigh and walk past the tree. Yea sure, there'll be Christmas spirit in your house on the 25th, but it'll be present in the faces of your little cousins as you watch them open their gifts in a craze that you identify all too well with. As they rampantly tear away the wrapping that your mother so diligently wrapped, a smile comes to your face as you then realize that they're souls are harnessing the same joy that you once shared. That is when you come to grips with reality and let go all of the selfish thoughts you had all month as you say to yourself 'Merry Christmas..'

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  1. it's like you took the words right out of my mouth, exactly what i have been thinking about and feeling for the past 24 hours. you're tight.