Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kid Cudi Interview

Man on the Moon: End of Day out September 15th

Lil Wayne-Million Dollar Baby (prod. Just Blaze)

HEAR ME OUT: The Flawed System of Education

For the most part, how far you get in today's society heavily relies on post high school education. Thats pretty much a fact. However, to even receive the opportunity to go to a university depends on your performance in high school right? Right. That concept seems pretty logical and for the most part, its fair. In high school, some basic classes needed to fulfill your requirements usually consist of algebra, english, life science, chemistry, etc. And that's the problem! When do any of these subjects come into play in normal day-to-day situations? THEY DONT! So why is it that we need to thrive in subjects of no real significance to....life? We should be educated on subjects such as stress management, finance and credit, love and relationships, health, technology, the human mind, and communication. Tools that will actually ready us for life after high school.
From day one, school teaches us to conform, to be robots. We eat when they tell us to, raise our hands and be picked before we SPEAK, work upon command, and socialize when we hear a bell ring. If any of those things are done upon free will, we are punished. Every single day, from the time we're in pre-school til our last day of high school, we are told to Pledge Allegiance. To stand with our right hands over our hearts, staring at the American Flag. That sounds a bit like CLASSICAL CONDITIONING to me (see Ivan Pavlov). These principles that are fed to a young brain, which is still developing, are imbedded in the mind and after several years, become ones way of life, all under subconscious hypnosis.
I can remember times in high school and even college, when i failed subjects like Algebra 2, and it hindered me from being where i needed to be requirement wise, which ultimately set me back from my career. The way the system works, if we excel in these seemingly irrelevant and non-useful subjects, then we receive an "A" and are deemed as "smart". If we don't, then we receive an "F" and are perceived as a failure and "stupid". That makes no sense whatsoever. Those who continually lack the grasp of concept, over years, feel like failures not only in school, but in life overall. Those who do average, feel as such, and those who understand feel and act successful. Therefore, those who are "smart"(sarcasm) are granted the opportunity to work towards the careers of their dreams...everyone else, well...not so lucky. And that is exactly how our country is divided, The successful and "smart" (sarcasm again) are the few at the top, the average are in the middle and constitute our Middle-Class America, and the failures die off. Sad but true. To conclude, education and "success" is not based on how smart you are, but how responsible you are, as it takes responsibility to run a nation. REAL LIVE!

Stevie Crooks-CSTC Mixtape

I actually found out about this dude on Twitter...upon him following me, i decided to give his music a go...and i must say i'm glad that i did! This CSTC Mixtape is BY FAR the best mixtape i've heard from a local artist, and...fuck it, imma make a bold statement, its better than most of the mixtapes i've heard so far in '09. For the REAL lovers of hip-hop...

Download: Stevie Crooks-CSTC Mixtape

Unreleased 2pac Interview

Album Review: Loso's Way

So Fab dropped his 5th album today....but honestly, i had it like 2 weeks ago..ahh, ThePirate Bay! Anyway, i figured I'd share my thoughts on it since everybody seems to be talkin about it. So let's get right to it...The first song is a 4 minute intro, and i must say he went in! Straight bars, no hook, a beautiful thing. BUT, the album quickly takes a turn for the worse with the next 3 songs all sounding exactly the same...anybody who KNOWS MUSIC KNOWS that the second, third, and fourth songs on any album are the most important, as they are the platform for the rest of the album. All 3 of those songs fell short in my opinion...Even the song with Jay-Z is average at best, and sounds like a cheap remix. However, the album IS picked up by songs like "Salute" which features Lil Wayne, Pachanga (which sounds like an American Gangster knockoff but nevertheless), street anthem and Alchemist-produced "Lullaby", and Marsha Ambrosius assisted "Stay". I really do TRY to like Fab's albums, I really do, but in the day where dudes are droppin mixtapes that are soundin better than MOST albums (So Far Gone, Uknowbigsean, The Warm Up) albums have to be damn-near perfect and nothin short of a classic. Sorry Fab, but next time i hit BestBuy, this album definitely won't be Thrown in the Bag.


These WILL be picked up before Friday....REAL LIVE!

Make A Nigga Say "HOT DAYUM!"

This is what I call a BADD BITCH. The baddest. Vashtie Kola is a music video director, party producer, oh..and did I mention she was BADD? And if u ask me, she make Beyonce look like a turd LMAO!!! Everytime i see this woman i say "GOD DAMMIT!" real loud...that's how beautiful she is...mattas fact, a woman like her and a nigga like me make a good couple..real live..