Monday, October 12, 2009

REPOST: "Insecure" by Me

"It's hard for me to see the sun when she keep cryin..."

Song of the Day: Lil Wayne "Lightin Up My"

I guess this was supposed to make it on The Carter 3....its pretty old but hey..youve probably never heard it


This will be the first and only time im ever gonna address somethin like this...for as long as i could remember, ive been hated/hated on by family, foes, females (weird), and more recently, friends. i have very very thick skin and can take almost all of it, except for when it comes from the people i love most. ive been discriminated against for reasons that are beyond me, but to say that i want it to cease would be an absolute lie. yea, it does hurt to see those that you thought were in your corner work against you. and yea, sometimes it does stress me out...but what ive come to realize is that, everybody has a purpose. my purpose is to be me, and yours is to hate me for it. just as it is a criminal's purpose to commit crime, and a cop's job to bring em down. a mice's purpose is to be, and the snake's job to consume them. you see...ive never been one to brag, boast, or fact, im probably one of the most humble people you would ever come across. i never had to talk the talk because i was always too busy walkin it. i let other people do the talkin FOR me. why are you even so mad anyway? dont even answer that...i know the answer. i think every time you look at me, it reminds you of everything that you're not. and everytime you look at yourself, you feel self-hatred. but dont direct that hate towards me, keep it for yourself. every time you hear somebody mention me, it burns you. jealousy is nothing but fear. and you fear that by me being around, you won't matter. im one of those people that you either really really love, or really really hate. pick your side. if you love me, then i show that same love back. if you hate me, dont pose as a friend. stay on the opposing team....bad news for you is that i aint NEVER lost. im only gon allow my face to be spat in so many times before i punch the shit outta yours. and no i dont mean that in a literal sense....violence is for the weak. it takes a strong person to love. and i love each and every one of you. i guess its safe to say that we have a love/hate relationship.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

DAMN! (and i AINT talkin bout the shoes)


CLASSIC: Goosebumps

Oh shit! Remember Goosebumps???! Truth be told, i was never completely interested in actually reading these books...i mean, don't get me wrong, i would maybe read through the first few chapters, but i loved Goosebumps for the sake of collection. Just the covers alone would be enough to capture any kid's attention. The Book Fair was always my favorite time of the year because my mom would let me order any and everything i wanted! Remember when you would see a new issue number and you'd be like "DAAAANG which one is THAT?!" Seems like the newest issue always had that special glow as you run your index finger across the rough textural title of the book...Ahhh....good times..

On Fire (Prod. By Me)

This is probably my favorite out of all the beats i've made...the Minnie Ripperton sample is ill. This beat has alotta....personality. The electric guitar really sets it off...idk...just felt like postin some of my work..

Ludacris feat. Common & Spike Lee "Do The Right Thing" (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

"They say my folks'll do whatever for the fortune and the fame....and it'll take a fortune to get rid of all the pain..."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Song of the Day: El Debarge "All This Love"

Laugh of the Day!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!

Thanks Cam..

Human...The Perfect Specimen

Human beings....we really are the perfect specimen and don't even know it. Most of us just walk around day to day conscious of only what lies in front of us in plain view to see. But have you ever really thought about what we are underneath the surface? There's more to life than what meets the eye. Being in tune with ourselves helps us to reach our full potential...physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Just think about it...think about everything your body does involuntarily. When your body is cold, what happens? Goosebumps start to form on the skin, but what most don't know is that those goosebumps appear on your skin to serve as insulation to keep your body warm. When you get hot, what happens? We sweat. That perspiration serves as our bodies' coolant to protect us from the heat. Imagine if we didn't have that. We would burn, literally. We have eye lashes to prevent debris from entering our eyes and damaging us. These things aren't coincidential. The human body always has your best interests in mind. All the time. No matter what. When we consume things that are harmful to our bodies, our bodies naturally rid themselves of the toxins that cause ailment (throw up). Just as those things happen in the physical matter, they also happen metaphysically as well. You ever heard of a gut feeling? Following your gut feeling, or conscious, will always 100% of the time lead you in the positive direction. It's simply the way we were built.

Our brains harness more power than any machine ever could. EVER. Which is why it's so important to feed our brains the necessary things that it needs to remain at full functionality. We must remain positive through any situation, any other emotion is detrimental to our beings. Anger is an emotion that is learned. So is jealousy. Almost all negative feelings are learned, because from birth, we are only equipped with the positive. Which is why when we look at small children, we gain a sense of euphoria, a sense of happiness...a sense of peace. They are still in the natural stages of life. It is society that teaches us otherwise...SOCIETY. We are the only species, at least to my knowledge, that live within a system. We live by laws, rules, principles, morals, etc. As humans, we're nothing but mammals...ANIMALS. There's one thing that drives the human race...if you have it, then you're everything....if you don't have it, then you're nothing. Worthless. Isn't it crazy to know that the whole human race is governed by little green pieces of paper. MONEY RULES THE WORLD. WHICH IS WHY YOU SEE PRINTED ON ANY FORM OF CURRENCY, "IN GOD WE TRUST." What kinda shit is that?

We gotta break away from this system. We humans have power. Special power. Some may even call it magic. We have the power to become anything we wanna become. All it takes is the mind. Have you ever faked a headache to stay home from school? You put so much effort into that lie, and then all of a sudden YOU REALLY GET A HEADACHE. That's no coincidence. That's the laws of the universe in effect. Which is why we have to be careful of the things we say. We truly do speak things into existence. We have the ability to have and do ANYTHING. Very few people know this and don't wanna share it with the rest of the world. Those forces are evil. Get in tune with yourself...with your mind. Please be who YOU are. Im not a Bible head or anything, but i think the Bible says something about us being created in His image. All that means is that we were created as perfect beings...that perfection is stripped away by society. By evil. When we dream, we return to that state of perfection, because in a dream, anything can be done. We fly in our dreams, we're wealthy, we have that perfect soul mate, etc. ALL IN OUR DREAMS. I think that is because in the dream state, we travel to a place so far deep into our human minds that anything is possible because our perfection knows no limit. Occasionally, we pull extraordinary things from our dreams into "reality" because we focus on them to a point where that particular thing, person, or event is materialized. All this is done with your mind...I believe when we die physically, we return to that dream state indefinitely. Us humans are perfection...but first...we must tune into ourselves to let that ray of light shine to the rest of the world...Please be happy...its only good for you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CLASSIC: Kid and Play "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody"

I always wish i was partyin back then in these days...they had the best party songs man...i woulda GOT OFF! Seems like fun was funner back then than it is now (if that makes sense)

Jason Mraz "Summer Breeze"

This is my favorite cover of this song...nothing touches the original but this comes pretty damn mad that the summer is winding down already. I didn't really get to do ALL the things that i wanted to do but its whatever. The summer always brings some pretty interesting people...It's cool to watch the different seasons bring different elements into your life, some stay, others don't. But least its gettin cold outside! I got the winter wear lined up already and im waitin to pull out this pea coat that i just bought yesterday. Im finna kill em wit that! LMAO!

Song of the Day: EPMD "So Whatcha Sayin?"

It's moments like these...

Dear Laker Bandwagoners...

Dear Laker Bandwagoners,

As you all know, today has marked the beginning of a new Laker season (well preseason, but nonetheless) and i must say that we pretty much look like the All-Star team! With that said, please dont try to be a fan now. I can spot one of you fuckers from a mile away and it's not fair to us real fans who've been loyal since day zero. Us Laker lovers are more than just fans, we're family. The fellowship and camaraderie that we share goes far beyond us just watching the games. You see...we BLEED the purple and have stake in this family, one should know that the Lakers aren't just something we watch, it's something we live. It's a lifestyle. We have been bred since a young age to become who we are today, and to become a part of the fellowship, one must have many years of experience. So please, do us real fans a favor and choose another team's dick to hop on. Your kind is not welcome here.
Terrence J. Franklin

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Favorite Place On Earth. PERIOD.

Anybody who knows me can tell you that i buy clothes from NOWHERE else but Urban Outfitters (i did actually buy a pair of pants from H&M the other day tho, shhh..dont tell nobody). Many paychecks have been blown here and i dont even feel guilty about it. Whenever i step foot in here, the tunnel vision and euphoria set in. This place and beautiful Puerto Rican women are my 2 true weaknesses...oh..and did i tell you that there's an Urban Outfitters like 10 minutes away from my house? ALL BAD! But at the same time, its ALL GOOD! OOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEAAAAA *Kool-Aid Man voice* (i'm corny, i know this)

aididas Skateboarding 2009 Fall/Winter Sneakers

AAAYE! i fux wit these...seen at

Song of the Day: Adele "Right As Rain"

Ms. Chasing Pavements did her thing on this one! Her album is 19 is a classic by my standards and ive been listening to it for the past week. Her sound is a hybrid between Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. If you enjoy those two, then you'll LOVE Adele's album. Check it won't kill you.

Red Pill, Blue Pill..

Time, in a general sense, has always been my biggest fear in life...afraid that if i dont make a quick decision then i'll end up alone....unsuccessful. Time is in constant progressive motion as i hear my life's clock sing that eery tune...tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick...tock.....tick....stop. And it's all over. But during that tick-tock, we're faced with decisions...some significant, others, not so much. However, there comes a pivotal moment in everybody's life that causes for that one great decision be to made that will determine whether your life will travel east or west...north or south...or in my case, Red or Blue.

You see...everyone is the 'Neo' of their own Matrix. You are 'The One', that deciding factor, that force that will determine whether your Zion will rise or fall. I look at Morpheus as my conscience, or God as some may put it. God can never forcefully put you through a situation that is against your own free will, all he can do is guide you. He has no opinion, no input, no say-so. All he can do is offer you two choices. And right now standing before me is Morpheus dressed in all black with the exception of his tie, with his two hands out. In one hand lies a blue pill. That pill represents, in my Matrix at least, a life in the Air Force, financial stability, and whatever else comes with that choice of career. In the other hand lies that red pill. That pill represents a life of me furthering my quest to find an answer that may or may NOT be found on the other side. An opportunity for me to follow a dream that many never wake up many have died there, but the reward can be so sweet. The suspense lies in the fact that it is a complete mystery as to which one will have the greater reward in the end. Somebody pour me a glass of water as i will consume one of these pills which will determine where my life takes me. I'm praying that i'm about to make the best decision. I just wanna be happy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nine 30 and FBC Present..."Confidence & Nonsense Vol. 1"

Nine 30 has been grindin for a while now and im excited that he finally put this project out for the masses. When i first started out doin music, this dude was my biggest that time, i hadn't known anybody personally that made music and was actually GOOD at it. I feel blessed to have lended a helping hand in creating this project, as it has been a personal goal of mine to work with such a talent. So ladies and gentleman, without further ado, i present to you...Confidence & Nonsense Volume 1.