Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Laker Bandwagoners...

Dear Laker Bandwagoners,

As you all know, today has marked the beginning of a new Laker season (well preseason, but nonetheless) and i must say that we pretty much look like the All-Star team! With that said, please dont try to be a fan now. I can spot one of you fuckers from a mile away and it's not fair to us real fans who've been loyal since day zero. Us Laker lovers are more than just fans, we're family. The fellowship and camaraderie that we share goes far beyond us just watching the games. You see...we BLEED the purple and have stake in this family, one should know that the Lakers aren't just something we watch, it's something we live. It's a lifestyle. We have been bred since a young age to become who we are today, and to become a part of the fellowship, one must have many years of experience. So please, do us real fans a favor and choose another team's dick to hop on. Your kind is not welcome here.
Terrence J. Franklin

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