Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Star Is Born lol

My kindergarten graduation mini speech lol...i was always the man!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's What We All Long For..

Love...its what we all long for in some way or another. To find that special someone to live out the rest of your years with. Contrary to popular belief, it's somethin that even us guys often search for, women just tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves. For those that are single and on that steady quest for completion, worry not. Imma tell you the reason why you shouldn't be too frustrated if you can't exactly find your Romeo or Juliet right now. Let's take a look at this shall we?

I was talkin to a friend earlier today, and she was tellin me about the frustrations of not being able to find love in a "timely fashion". I used a pretty good analogy as i explained why she shouldnt fret about stuff and why she should enjoy the very days that she's living right now. I told her that finding love is kinda like Christmas...most of the excitement does not come from the actual gift, the thrill comes from the WANT. It's the shaking of the gifts, the Christmas carols, the decorating of the tree, and ahhh yes...writing that good 'ol Christmas list, that makes up the Christmas spirit, which is the fun part. In translation, its the love songs, the crush, the thought of your "perfect other", and yes, even those occasional feelings of loneliness that make the quest for love exciting! Have you ever noticed how boring Christmas day is? The rush is gone because you now have nothing to hope for because you already have what you wanted...

Her response to my Christmas analogy was "Christmas has a date". I quickly replied "And so does your destiny...you just don't know when it is..and thats the exciting part about it all."

I think we've become a society that is addicted to the ideal concept of what love is. Hollywood is to blame for that. They've painted their picture of what love is to be, but in real life, things don't necessarily end as they do on the silver screen. We're simply in love with love. Remember that you also have to take the bad with the good. Along with that girl or guy thats intelligent, funny, and has a nice smile, also comes things like disagreements, fights (hopefully not physical lol) and the occassional "THIS BITCH/NIGGA IS GETTIN ON MY
LAST GODDAMN NERVE!" I think that alotta people enter relationships with the pre-conceived notion that things are gonna be as they appear on TV. When they find out that love isn't what it's broadcasted to be, then they want out. (60% divorce rate in California anyone?)

Im not tryna downplay love and relationships in any kinda way. I think love is an extraordinary and euphoric high that everybody should experience at LEAST once in a lifetime. And yes, a relationship can make life more enjoyable at times. All i'm saying is that love should never define you and or hinder you due to an absence of it. Enjoy your time alone, as you work on the most important relationship in life, the one with yourself. Use this time to really find out what it is that you want and make yourself available to what it is you're wishing for. You should view yourself and the love that you can possibly give to someone as a gift. One day that person will find you and your love shall be your gift to that person. You choose to give that person that gift because you know in your heart that they truly deserve it. It'll be then, when you really learn to love and appreciate someone and it will make that person's presence (presents) that much greater.

BP3 Art: The Making Of

Billionaire Boys Club x Blueprint 3 T-Shirt Set

After giving us a peek into the “So Ambitious” version, Billionaire Boys Club unveil all three designs from the brand’s The Blueprint 3 lineup. Although each version shares familiar imagery, each reflects a different message, with a couple featuring backside graphic hits. The “So Ambitious”, “ABC”, and “I’m On A Mission” tees will see a release on September 23rd within BBC/Ice Cream Japan. A US release can be expected as well. Retail is set at ¥7,140 (Approx. $78 USD).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slum Village feat. Dwele "Call Me"

Some Saturday feel good...
I think imma post nothin but feel-good typa stuff today...Saturdays are for feelin good and fun in the sun. Happy Saturday folks!

Consequence feat. Rick Ross "The More I Get"

The beat sounds like somethin i woulda did..

Music is Art

Music is art. Just a few decorative pieces around my room...i love collecting the art to the music almost as much as i love listening to it..Can u believe that i found that Earth Wind and Fire LP RAISE! for only $2.99! There's a record store up the street that i recently discovered and i feel as though i've stumbled across a gold mine! I switch the music around in my room according to my mood...i had the 808s & Heartbreak up, but i didnt like the energy it gave off so i took it down and replaced it wit that EARF! LMAO! And u gotta say EARF like Nick Cannon said it in Love Don't Cost A Thing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Paint The 90's (R&B Edition)


1. Candy Rain - Soul For Real
2. Best Friend - Brandy
3. My Life - Mary J Blige
4. Anytime - Janet Jackson
5. You're The One - SWV
6. At Your Best - Aaliyah
7. Freak Like Me - Adina Howard
8. Wifey - Next
9. Weak - SWV
10. Don't Leave Me Girl - Blackstreet
11. Sweet Lady - Tyrese
12. I'm Not Gonna Cry - Mary J Blige
13. Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell
14. I Get Lonely (Remix) - Janet Jackson feat. Blackstreet
15. Anything - SWV
16. Thats The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
17. It Seems Like Youre Ready - R.Kelly
18. I Get Lonely - Janet Jackson
19. Can We Get Kinky Tonite - SWV
20. Do You Remember The Time - Michael Jackson
21. No Diggity - Blackstreet
22. Kick Off Your Shoes - Xscape
23. Poison - Bel Biv Devoe
24. Waterfalls - TLC
25. Whatever - Ideal
26. All The Things - Joe
27. Get Gone - Ideal
28. One Woman Man - Dave Hollister

Let's Paint The 90's (Hip-Hop Edition)

Its funny how hearin certain songs can take you back to the time in your life when you first heard em. This is a mix i put together that paints a perfect picture of the 90's...


1. Keep Ya Head Up - 2pac
2. Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
3. It's A Shame - Monie Love
4. Buddy (Remix) - De La Soul
5. Pain - 2pac
6. Passing Me By - The Pharcyde
7. Keep They Heads Ringin - Dr.Dre
8. Cool Like That - Digable Planets
9. B Side - Da Brat feat. Biggie Smalls
10. Back In The Day - Ahmad
11. Pump Pump - Snoop Dogg
12. Summertime in the LBC - The Dove Shack
13. First Of The Month - Bone Thugs N Harmony
14. U.N.I.T.Y. - Queen Latifah
15. Everyday Struggles - Biggie Smalls
16. Let Me Ride - Dr.Dre
17. I Gotta Man - Positive K
18. I Used To Love H.E.R.
19. Mass Appeal - Gangstarr
20. Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble - The Fresh Prince
21. Oh My God - A Tribe Called Quest
22. You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube
23. Halftime - Nas
24. Slam - Onyx
25. So Whatcha Sayin' - EPMD
26. My Mind's Playin Tricks On Me - Geto Boys
27. 93 To Infinity - Souls Of Mischief
28. Indo Smoke - Warren G feat. Nate Dogg & Mr. Grimm
29. Pour Out A Lil Liquor


R.Kelly feat. Mr.Biggs "Down Low" *no homo*

Tiny Toons

This was undoubtedly my favorite cartoon as a kid

Game Genie

I used to hate when people had this cheatin ass shit lol. If you're not familiar, game genie was this video game enhancer that would let you do things that even the regular cheat codes wouldnt allow you to do. It's crazy to see how far technology has come. I can't even play video games nowadays...their too technical. My video game prime was back then in the days of Super Mario.

Da Brat feat. Biggie Smalls "B Side"

I have such a vivid memory of my childhood its ridiculous...i remember my mom takin me to Toys-R-Us one day for no reason. She bought me the Batmobile car with the Batman and Robin action figures....and on our way home, this song was playin..

Bebe's Kids

The Journey Of Allen Strange

This was one of those shows that i hated, but would sit through the whole episode lol

Mortal Kombat II



Ahhh...throwback....its not quite an oldie but its not a flashback either. Throwbacks take me back to the best times of my life...the 90's. Today is a dedication to everything that made up my childhood. If you're an '89er, then you should be able to relate..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Song of the Day: Teena Marie "Portuguese Love"


Cudi Defending Skinny Jeans

If you dont like skinny jeans then dont wear em.

Ask Propecia

Board Bangers "Skateboard Thug"

If you aint from SoCal then u prolly never heard of this group. They was around for a short stint...i like this song lol


These are two purchases i made last nite...if youre one to complain about the culture dying, then PLEASE instead of downloading an album, go out and buy one. It makes you appreciate the music a little bit more. I had BP3 about 3 weeks ago but i promised myself that i was gonna actually buy it. Besides, its a Jay-Z album....what, you thought i WASN'T gon buy it? You sound stupid! Kid Cudi's album is a great listen as well. SHIT IT BETTER BE! I PAYED $17.99 FOR THE DELUXE EDITION!! LoL...Anyway, buy an album, keep Hip-Hop alive. It's simple.

Here are my favorite songs from both BP3 and Man On The Moon: End of Day

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Stylistics "Betcha By Golly Wow"

When i was a kid, i thought it was a woman singin in these songs lol


Hip-Hop After Hours..(WS Connection Edition)

THIS Is What Killed Hip-Hop

Everybody wants to complain and point the finger at who led to the demise of this genre that we all know and love. But its not a WHO that killed it, its more like a WHAT. Hear me out...

Prior to the turn of the the century, Hip-Hop was booming, and almost every artist that was hot easily reached platinum record sales. It truly was a lucrative business and at that time, creativity and innovation were not actually necessary for an artist to be successful. That was UNTIL...the internet came about..

You see, before the internet, you had no choice but to purchase an album in order have it. There was no way around it. There was no downloading or streaming, you simply had to go out and spend your $13.99 on that LP. With the internet, music became extremely accessible, thus, making it less of a commodity. Its the basic business principle of supply and demand. Before the net, the demand for the music was high because it wasn't easily obtained. But when websites such as Napster, Morpheus, and Limewire came to prominence, the supply of the music went UP, and its demand went down. That same business principle applies to anything. For example, when a game system such as the Playstation 3 came out, the demand was so high because everyone knew that they would be sold out in a matter of minutes, due to limited supply. If there was an over-abundance of the system at launch, sales would be significantly lower.

Along with the rise of the internet, came the rise of the CD burner. That was another big blow to the the industry. And while other genres of music suffered from this innovation in technology, nobody suffered as much as Hip-Hop because the demographic of its consumers. That type of "demographic" (and i think you all know what i mean) were excited that they were getting something for nothing.

Along with the technology that aided in making the music more accessible, also came the technology that made it easy for fans and lovers of the culture to make music themselves. This is where the culture became flooded with alot of corniness. People will often blame acts like Soulja Boy or other artists from the South with catchy hooks and dances for the downfall of Hip-Hop but thats not where the damage came from. There were several acts way before Soulja Boy that created the same types of music, 2 Live Crew, 69 Boyz, MC Hammer just to name a few. When Hip-Hop was booming, there were only a few acts to pay attention to. Crews like No Limit, Cash Money, Ruff Ryders, and Rocafella, THAT WAS IT. For the most part at least. The new wave of technology brought about differences between those crews, because there was money issues. People who were being paid BEFORE, were now broke because the demand had fallen. With the death of these crews, came the death of alotta people's interest in what the music had to offer.

With the internet now being the number one source to get music, it allowed room for alot of gimmicks because things became more visual. It became more about your appearance than your music. So then, even the people with great music couldn't even survive. You had to be a style icon as well as deliver musically, a feat that not every artist could overcome. Not even artist like 50 Cent who just a couple years ago sold 11 million records. Fast forwarding to now, if you cant recreate the genre in a way thats so creative and well-received, you can forget about selling records. With all these people attempting to recreate the genre, its shifting further and further away from what everybody fell in love with....real Hip-Hop.

So there you have it...it was TECHNOLOGY that killed Hip-Hop, and it did it smoothly. A smooth criminal. It left everybody behind to bicker and bitch about WHO did it, when it was actually the machines. The machines...

THROWBACK! SWV "You're The One"

Physically, im in the present, but i swear it seems like my mind and my heart are stuck in the 90's..

The Questions..

Where do you go when you die? Is there music there? Does ANYTHING rhyme with orange? Why do green apple Now-And-Laters taste so good? Whats gonna happen in 2012? Where the FUCK is Bin-Laden? What does a blind person dream of? How much money does Jay-Z actually have in his bank account? Is that new Black Eyed Peas album REALLY worth listenin to? (i heard it was dope by the way..) Who's gonna be my next girlfriend? What exactly IS a crop circle? Does SHE know how BADD i think she is? How many gallons of water are in the Pacific Ocean? Are you gay? Does your mom know youre gay? (Remember that childhood joke?) What does this white lady think of me as im walkin past her right now? Does this place NOT have a bathroom? What kinda shit is that?! What am i doing tonite? Where all the good-lookin filipino girls at? Do i have enough gas to get there? Is Meagan Fox's sex as good as her looks? Is Will Smith EVER in a bad mood? Why do white people say "asshole" and "douche bag" so much? Why don't McDonalds serve McMuffins all day? Why would anybody ever eat a black jelly bean?

Along with this post, i have the perfect song for you...

Song of the Day: LL Cool J "Luv U Better"

Do u know how hard it was for me to find a picture of this nigga without him lookin saucy?

Monday, September 14, 2009

CLASSIC: Pelon Pelo Rico!

You didn't have much of a childhood if you didnt eat this stuff...lookin back at it now tho..i dont know how i used to stomach that nasty shit. I tried one of these the other day and threw it away IMMEDIATELY! I guess your tastebuds develop with age..

Hip-Hop After Hours..(GangStarr Edition)

"Maybe your soul you'd sell to have mass appeal.."

Song of the Day: Amy Winehouse "Take The Box"

Am i wrong for this picture? LoL
Listen to what she's sayin in this song...I wish Amy would pull herself together man...crack is wack.