Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Paths of Life..

Have you ever just sat and thought about the paths of life? It really trips me out when i think about it...and i think about it ALOT. Life is a journey, and everyone's journey is one of their own. About 6 billion or so different journeys goin on at once, some inter-mingling, some not...some of the smallest little events can send your life on a totally different path without you ever even stopping to give it any thought. SOMETHING SO VERY VERY SMALL!!!!! For example, if you hear a certain song right now at this very moment, that song will trigger a thought, and that same thought will indeed trigger another and another and another. Then a collection of those thoughts will lead to an action. An action that would never have taken place if it weren't for that thought, and that action will lead to another, and another. Now, those actions have created more thoughts, which in turn, inevitably, create more action. You followin me? Good. Think about this...its about to get complex...

You can decide to step out somewhere today, i dont know, lets use Barnes & Noble bookstore as an example. You can potentially meet the woman/man of your dreams and BOOM, the path that you were on prior to stumbling upon that person has totally shifted. And this is how...a short while after the two of you date, you engage in a committed relationship. Thus, shifting your state of existence because you now develop different thoughts than ones you may have developed had you not had this person in your life. Different thoughts lead to different things, places, people, etc. Along with those things, come different opportunity. Your mindset is a total new one due to these changes in your life. That new mindset produces fresh new ideas, and one of those ideas have caused you to want to venture into a certain field of study, let's use the medical field as an example. Years later, you now thrive as a successful MD and on that path to becoming such, you've formed many relationships with different people, and have endured different things, ALL THE WHILE developing new thought (thought is on-going and never-ending) which constantly shifts your path of life. Years and years later, you enjoy the abundant lifestyle of having a career in the medical field, your family is great, and you now have an 18 year old kid ready to follow in his or her mom/dads footsteps of success...But let's trace everything back to its origin. A certain SMALL something led to your desire to go to Barne's & Noble, which led you to meet your mate, which caused a shift in lifestyle, which ultimately led to your abundant lifestyle of happiness and healthiness. All because of a Nas lyric that said "Written in school textbooks, bibles et cetera, Fuck a school lecture..." That rhyme somehow caused you to think, which somehow influenced you to go to a bookstore, and well..the rest is history. The paths of life...crazy ain't it?

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