Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Questions..

Where do you go when you die? Is there music there? Does ANYTHING rhyme with orange? Why do green apple Now-And-Laters taste so good? Whats gonna happen in 2012? Where the FUCK is Bin-Laden? What does a blind person dream of? How much money does Jay-Z actually have in his bank account? Is that new Black Eyed Peas album REALLY worth listenin to? (i heard it was dope by the way..) Who's gonna be my next girlfriend? What exactly IS a crop circle? Does SHE know how BADD i think she is? How many gallons of water are in the Pacific Ocean? Are you gay? Does your mom know youre gay? (Remember that childhood joke?) What does this white lady think of me as im walkin past her right now? Does this place NOT have a bathroom? What kinda shit is that?! What am i doing tonite? Where all the good-lookin filipino girls at? Do i have enough gas to get there? Is Meagan Fox's sex as good as her looks? Is Will Smith EVER in a bad mood? Why do white people say "asshole" and "douche bag" so much? Why don't McDonalds serve McMuffins all day? Why would anybody ever eat a black jelly bean?

Along with this post, i have the perfect song for you...

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