Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me, 'Deficiency'

Part 2...The Dream State coming soon.

Until It's Perfect

Long time, no talk eh? With good reason tho ... alot of my usual blogging time has been wrapped around the production of my new project Part 2...The Dream State. Super excited about the way it's coming along. Every single day, i add something new to it, even if it's the smallest vocal edit, writing of a hook, or mapping out of a concept. Dream State is the second installation of the two-part 'Beautiful Mind' projects. Last time around, i wrote about the realities of my life in a sorta hold-nothing-back manner. This time, the music doesn't sound AS dark as it did with This Beautiful Mind due to the album's main focus, the dream state. It's sort of an exhibition of the differences between the conscious and unconscious mind. I sought out more outside production and i think i may only produce one of the album's songs. Oh, and the music is all original on this one.

I'm about 7 songs in, and what i have so far, flows incredibly well. The intro contains perhaps the most heartful and truthful verse i've ever recorded, along with a fitting clip of some of Will Smith's words in a certain one of his movies, don't wanna say which lol. It continues on which the second track and the music beautifully unfolds from there. An as-of-yet titled track features the guy who is responsible for me making music. In our verses, we speak of how we started off making music together, where our lives took off from there, and where we are now. There's also a track entitled 'Bring The Horns' produced by The Stuyvesants. The beat is ridiculous! There's this beat change at the 32 second mark that makes my heart stop. I have some other great tracks as well but i think i'll continue to keep them to myself..

Whenever i finish a new song, i'm usually so excited about it that i wanna put it out immediately! I feel like i've gotten so much better as a writer and some of the things i've been coming up with lately have me overjoyed. I've sent certain songs around to a few people and the responses that i have received let me know that this is about to be something big...i'm really trying as hard as i can to put together 14 songs that i feel completely confident in, which means i'll have to record somewhere between 25-30. This is gonna be a fun summer..

Part 2...The Dream State