Friday, August 28, 2009

THIS SHIT CRAZY!!! Video: Consequence "Q.U.E. Another E.N.S."

Now this is what i like to hear...

Mighty Healthy Auto-Tune Academy T-Shirt

CLASSIC: The Adventures of Pete & Pete

"I look around like where the good times at? Man im just tryna bring the good times back.." -Juelz Santana

Song of the Day: Marvin Gaye "Just To Keep You Satisfied"


This musta broke up with one of my exes and listened to this song about 20 times straight..if you ever seen Baby Boy, you might remember this song playin in the scene when Jody left Yvette's ass out in the cold and rain. Fellas, if you ever break up with that trick for doin you dirty, get you some Vodka, some orange juice and a lil bitta ice and play this song over and over...Marvin said it best..."It's too late for you and I...much too late for you to cry.."

Kanye West x Common x Talib Kweli x Q-Tip x Rhymefest "We Can Make It Better"

"Somebody told me Delta's brown-skinned, AKA's light-skinned, and they sposed to be bushi so they got white friends.."

Another old joint from 'Ye...this was a leftover from Late Registration. Actually, Late Registration had a buncha leftover joints that are post-worthy...maybe i'll post em later this week...but in the mean time, ENJOY!

Hip-Hop After Hours..(Notorious Edition)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brandy "Best Friend"

This song reminds me of back in the day when i didn't have a care in the only concern was gettin homework done...the things i would do to get those days back....oh cant tell me that you dont love this song tho...Like myself, Brandy was from Carson and i used to always see Ray-J at Andersen Park playin ball...he thought he was a blood back then lol

John Legend "Selfish Piano Remix" DOPE!!!

Award Tour T-Shirt

"The wackest crews try to diss it makes me laugh, when my track record's longer than a DC 20 aircraft.."- Phife Dawg

Do i even need to say that im buyin this shirt??? Available HERE


Song of the Day: Nas feat. Ron Isley "Project Windows"

This has to be the realest Nas song least to me...

"As we die slow, perishin, brain-dead from a Ericsson..."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amy Winehouse "Know You Know"

"I got to know you now....we may never meet again..."

A song from her debut album 'Frank' released in 2003...FUCKIN CLASSIC!

Hip-Hop After Hours..(Snoop Dogg Edition)

The Making of a Hit: Kanye West

Charles Hamilton "Rosado"

"5am on the terrace, admiring the sky, the pink sky admiring this guy..."

CLASSIC: Super Mario World

I swear it took me YEARS to beat this game...nowadays, you can beat a game in like a hour or so...the good 'ol days *sigh*

Kanye West feat. Consequence and John Legend "Out The Game"

Some old Yeezy!!! If u aint been a 'Ye fan since day one, and i mean DAY ONE, then you wouldnt know nothin bout this...this was before 'College Dropout'...Kanye and Consequence are probably my favorite one-two punch in Hip-Hop..

Dissection of the Word: "Real"

Welp...its time to dissect another word that is SO often misconstrued. And the word is...real.

adjective; Def.- True; not ostensible, nominal, or apparent; existing or occuring as fact.

So...i hear alotta stupid ignorant NIGGAS use this word outta context. Real is not a reckless act. Real is not a violent act. Nor is it the strong will of the aforementioned. You're not real just because you're in a gang or because you're willing to maliciously defend yourself. You're not real because you have to sell drugs to survive. That's called being stupid. Real is being truthful enough with yourself that you don't have to masquerade. Real is not being afraid to show love to those around you. Real is the willing opposition of anything detrimental to your well-being. Real is being able to tell your significant other that you love them and actually meaning it. Those are the things that are real to me...real is solid, apparent, factual, truth..

The Science of Making Kool-Aid!

J.Cole "Back To The Topic"

I'm not about to let nobody tell me that Drake is better than this guy...

Carlo David "Summer Breeze" (Cover)

A cover of one of my top 5 fav songs ever...

Stevie Crooks "Breaktime"

"When I don't call she call, when I DO call she voicemail me, im gettin a taste of how hell be.."

This is my favorite song from one of my new favorite rappers Stevie Crooks. I don't know how he did it, but on his CSTC mixtape, he managed to capture the essence of 90's hip-hop, and in excellent fashion. Couldn't have done it better...he's from around my way but i'm pretty sure the world is about to discover him soon enuff. Let's support our local artists from day one, because it's the listeners who are in charge of the music that gets to the mainstream. I'd love to see his mixtape on NahRight....lord knows they need it.

Song of the Day: Michael Jackson "Baby Be Mine"

If you've never really sat and listened to 'Thriller' then you may have never heard this song...its the only song on the album that wasnt a single, and is my FAVORITE MJ song...damn..i still refuse to accept Michael Jackson's passing...Michael was the first musician i fell in love with, and no im not about to say 'no homo' because i got more respect for this man than that. Besides, that saying shoulda died in '06. WE OFF THAT!

If only these were black...

These are a little loud for my taste, but if they were black they would be a must-have! Still dope tho none-the-less...Seen at

Jay-Z - History (Prod. by Kanye West)

Hov is a DUMMY for not puttin this song on BP3...this song was released months ago, but since everybody is hyped up about his forthcoming album, i feel the need to post this...Kanye is a fool for this beat! That sample is sweet...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!! XV feat. Really Doe "G.O.O.D." (Prod. by J.Dilla)

If you dont like this song then i just dont know what to tell you...

Da Poetry Lounge

Ahhh....Da Poetry Lounge...this is where i'll be tonite! Haven't been in a while. Spoken word is such an adored form of art being that it's so hard to find. This place is a true gem and if you're anywhere in Southern California then you should check it out. Located off of Fairfax and Melrose at the Greenway Court Theatre, right outside of Fairfax High School. Im takin a friend tonite and she's never been to a poetry lounge, she excited and i know she'll be hooked after she sees what this place has to offer. Good music, good dj, great host, this is truly the place to be on a Tuesday nite. It starts at 9 and is held every Tuesday, but you may wanna get there early because it gets packed quick and you don't wanna end up havin to sit on that stage. Great atmosphere with a good vibe...i HIGHLY recommend you check it out..

Song of the Day: Stevie Wonder "My Cherie Amour"

Aint nothin like some good ol Stevie Wonder to get the day started off with. I'm on that feel-good train and i have a feeling today is gonna be a great one. Hopefully yall feel the same...if not, then let this song be the beginning of a blessed and wonderful day! Oh, and i didnt even post a song of the day yesterday so i'll be postin a Song of the Day Pt. 2 some time later on


Please tell me youve seen this movie...if not, then you havent lived

Lupe Fiasco "Fire"

Some old unreleased Lupe i came across a while ago...reminiscent of Biggie, you can tell this was a conscious effort...take a listen...

Jonelle "Round and Round"

Back in 2000, couldnt nobody tell me shit about this song...Hi-Tek is a fool for this beat..