Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dissection of the Word: "Real"

Welp...its time to dissect another word that is SO often misconstrued. And the word is...real.

adjective; Def.- True; not ostensible, nominal, or apparent; existing or occuring as fact.

So...i hear alotta stupid ignorant NIGGAS use this word outta context. Real is not a reckless act. Real is not a violent act. Nor is it the strong will of the aforementioned. You're not real just because you're in a gang or because you're willing to maliciously defend yourself. You're not real because you have to sell drugs to survive. That's called being stupid. Real is being truthful enough with yourself that you don't have to masquerade. Real is not being afraid to show love to those around you. Real is the willing opposition of anything detrimental to your well-being. Real is being able to tell your significant other that you love them and actually meaning it. Those are the things that are real to me...real is solid, apparent, factual, truth..

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