Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Encouraging Words..

No matter how tough life seems at times, there should always be a reason to look up and smile. Afterall, its not about the problems that occur in life, but how we deal with them. There isn't a day where i dont wake up and thank God that i have the mind that i have..that i have the family i have..that im young, black and intelligent. The priceless things...So if you find yourself in a position in life that you're not content with, instead of dwelling on the negativity thats seeming to unfold, stop, take a step back,reassess your mind, and think of every single thing or person in life that you deeply appreciate and look up and...smile.


  1. This is a key post. easier said than done, but a key post nonetheless.

  2. You really inspire me! It's like I really get what you say thanks keep expresing your self.