Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Circle..

So yesterday me and my nephew went on a lil nature walk around the time of sunset (sunsets for me, provoke thought) and i got to thinkin about some stuff. I'm not sure how i come up with certain thoughts, but they always seem to make such perfect sense...i thought about the shape of a circle and its significance to our lives..the planets = shape of a circle. Im a big believer of karma, and they say what goes around, comes around, which is the motion of a circle. The sun rises and falls, at the same time, all the time, and the cycle is a circle. The seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, then Winter again is another circular cycle. When we're babies, we can't walk, talk, nor take care of we grow older, we lose all of those abilities..many people who grow old and die of old age can no longer walk, talk, or take care of themselves right before death. We are born in a vegetated state, grow and learn, and eventually we return to that exact state of vegetation...the circle of life, and 'round and around we go..

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