Friday, August 14, 2009

Dissection of the Word: "Swag"

Alrite, seriously, this word gotta go...but not because the word is being over-used, but because it's being MIS-used. And to me, one of the worst things you can do in life is use a term out of context...well not really...but i do hate it lol. So come with me as i take the time to dissect the word and figure out exactly what the problem is...

Swag-ger; verb; definition- to walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air.

Ok, lets start off with the misconception...between 2006 and now, the word "swagger" or perhaps more popular "swag" has emerged and has become the hip-hop culture's favorite word. I've heard people say things like "Have you seen the way so-and-so dresses? They got swag!" This is a false statement. NOTICE above that swag is a VERB, which means its an action...its the WAY you carry yourself, not WHAT you carry yourself in. Swagger is 100% personality and 0% physicality, its innate and cannot be bought nor obtained. It's an aura, something not necessarily visible, but present none-the-less. The word i think people are MEANING to use is style. And even style is only about 50% physical, the other 50% is how you display it, which takes PERSONALITY (somethin many ppl lack). You can buy all the bright colored skinny jeans, wear shades indoors, and have as many tattoos as you'd like, but that won't give you'll just make you look like a neon-colored fool.

To conclude, to have "swagger" (sarcasm) is a God-given talent, and there's NO way that all these people are talented like that. It's ok...i dont think that Kobe Bryant thinks he's a football player....(dry humor)...find your lane and stick to it. Be original and create your own PERSON-al style. I are your own PERSON arent you? No? Oh my fault...

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