Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music and Me

Growin up in my family of 5 it was me, my mother and father, and my brother Tony...oh and my sister..her name is Music...

It was my brother who gave me personality, but it was my sister Music who did so much more...she taught me to dance..she gave me soul. It her was her that taught me style and personalization, unique. She's actually that overprotective big sister that follows me everywhere i go...she's followed me to parties, followed me and my friends...but i never least she never ever bothers me..oh unless she starts runnin her mouth about absolutely nothin, which she sometimes can do...but she did give me advice about women..she's always been good with that. Through all the times we've spent together though, i can honestly say that my favorite times with her have been on those long ass glad i didn't have to drive em alone...that woulda sucked. I hardly ever did any talking....for the most part i just listened.

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  1. this is by far one of ur dopest personal posts yet.