Monday, August 17, 2009

Settin The Record Straight

So often, i hear women say "all dudes are the same.." and honestly, i kinda take offense to that statement. Thats just a cop out for not bein able to find that right person for you. But lets look at the facts. At some point in time, you women have to ask yourself, 'Is it somethin wrong with ME?' Its a hard pill to swallow knowing that you may be the cause of your own dismay. Yall gotta stop puttin the blame on everybody else because face it, not all us guys are the same. If you continue to do the same types of things, hang out at the same types of places and with the same types of people, then you'll INEVITABLY end up with the same results. Thats just simple mathematics. Maybe if you tried doing things that you wouldnt normally do and go to places you wouldnt normally go, then maybe you'd attract the kinda person you wouldnt normally attract. Lifestyle change??

Another problem with women, more so girls, is that they become attracted to WHAT a person is, rather than WHO he is. If you were initially drawn to the WHO instead of the WHAT, then you would know off top that he's not the kinda person you'd want, therefore you wouldnt have to go through that let down. Or on the flipside, you'd know that he's the kinda guy you DO want. So the next time you women fix your lips to say "ALL NIGGAS IS THE SAME", stop and really think to yourself and ask the question "Is it me thats the same?"

I swear i should be a counselor of some sort lol...seriously.

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