Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Da Poetry Lounge

Ahhh....Da Poetry Lounge...this is where i'll be tonite! Haven't been in a while. Spoken word is such an adored form of art being that it's so hard to find. This place is a true gem and if you're anywhere in Southern California then you should check it out. Located off of Fairfax and Melrose at the Greenway Court Theatre, right outside of Fairfax High School. Im takin a friend tonite and she's never been to a poetry lounge, she excited and i know she'll be hooked after she sees what this place has to offer. Good music, good dj, great host, this is truly the place to be on a Tuesday nite. It starts at 9 and is held every Tuesday, but you may wanna get there early because it gets packed quick and you don't wanna end up havin to sit on that stage. Great atmosphere with a good vibe...i HIGHLY recommend you check it out..

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