Friday, September 11, 2009

The Terminator

Today's society has been taken over by the machine. Everyday we drift further and further from the natural, due to rapid technological advancement. Obviously, the technological revolution has made life easier and has been the cause of many discoveries that have aided in furthering us as a people...with so many advances in technology in such a short period of time, we never stop to pay attention to how detrimental these advances are. Natural human interaction is becoming a thing of the past..What ever happened to a young man and young woman meeting one another naturally? Perhaps the most natural thing in human NATURE is to mate, but how natural is meeting your mate on the world wide web? And what exactly is the world wide web anyway? We all love it, reap its benefits, and not to mention, are logged onto it 24/7....

The internet is an artificial society, a false reality, a community created by some one person or group of people for control purposes...think about it. Everything we can do in the "natural world", we can now do online, only times a thousand. We can buy clothes, buy music, buy food, entertain ourselves, and even find love...all on the world wide web. In modern times, we praise the celebrity and hail him/her almost as God-like figures...The concept of the celebrity was created by the media to generate money, the most prevalent source of the media is the internet, celebrities are most prevalent on, you guessed it, the internet. The 'net's influence is getting stronger, as it has hooked many people to stay on it from the time they wake, to moments before they go to sleep.

Can you imagine if the internet were to suddenly one day, crash? (a possibility that is very likely). Many people would not know how to cope, as it is how they function from day to day. They have even made it to where the 'net is so accessible it can FIT INTO YOUR POCKET! (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) For the internet to appeal to its sample study audience (our generation) all it has to do is transform itself from being a TOOL to being COOL...With all the hype that internet is feeding to its baby (us), it may lead to a very very large population of non-productive and misguided people. That body of people won't survive because our nature's law is Survival of the Fittest. Which means we won't be able to survive because the internet has stripped away our essential components given to us by nature that are required for us to do what we are guided by natural forces to do, and that is become one with nature. Or at least closer to it...This world wide web has simply reshaped the values of a whole generation, and on a more grand scale, the world. All in the blink of an eye...maybe those Terminator movies aren't so fictional afterall...

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