Monday, September 14, 2009

We Are Robot.

The main thing i try to stress here on this blog of mine is individuality. Free thought. I mean, just look at the things i post...i've always loved to be that dude that said things that everybody else wanted to say, but were afraid to. AFRAID. We live in a society that is based on fear...the fear of not being accepted...the fear of not fitting in...the fear of being looked at as different. We are our own biggest fears. We are robots.

Most of us are scared SHITLESS, and don't even realize it. We look to the media and celebrities to tell us WHAT TO LIKE. They tell us what to wear, what to say, how to say it. They told us what "beautiful" is. They tell us where and what to spend our money on. EVERYTHING. DONT THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT THE MEDIA IS NOT AWARE THAT THEY CONTROL THIS!!! Almost every aspect of life is governed by beings other than ourselves. Let me give you a few examples of the fear that consumes us..

A few years ago, young black men were afraid to wear pink....they were afraid that they would be looked at as gay. UNTIL, a rapper came out doing it, then all of a sudden it was the thing to do. But what made it "gay" yesterday, and straight today? Can our opinions be swayed THAT easily? Thats scary. Society has created a mold for us, and if we dont decide to jump rite into that mold, then we are looked at as wierdos, uncool, black sheep. We are AFRAID to dress how we feel, so we dress according to how we're told, aka, whats "cool". As a black man, if i were to listen to idk...Taylor Swift, i would be looked at in a strange way because as a young black man, thats not the kind of music im SUPPOSED to listen to. But check this out...this is where its about to get real...

Do you know how many times ive been scrutinized for But not by one of another race, BY MY OWN PEOPLE! How ass-backwards is that? This stems from the old-time mentality that us blacks arent supposed to be smart. That concept was instilled and imbedded in our heads so much to the point where we began to believe it ourselves, creating the backward mindset that alot of "us" have. For us young afro-americans, you look stupid for being "smart" and cool for being "dumb". In school, girls never wanted the smart black kid, they wanted the reckless "cool" kid, who was more often that not, pretty dumb. How many times have you seen the smart kids in school get laughed at? Me, i've been blessed with extreme intelligence as well as the personality of one society would call a "cool kid". Ive always taken THAT opportunity to spread knowledge in a way thats "cool" but effective. In high school, i always got the girl, and at the same time, nobody could touch me in a debate. The perfect hybrid between nerd and cool guy lol. I was always that kid that led the in-class discussions, and i would even teach the teachers. I was often excused from my classes and invited to come and debate with the other classes...that's how good i was. I've never ran away from my intelligence and neither should anybody else.

I could go on forever about the different fears that we have in this world. We gotta learn to break away from that. Thats the whole point of my blog. I want to show people that its cool to be who YOU are. Im not afraid to post a Mystikal song on here as well as a tune from Frank Sinatra. I dont care because its what i love. And i love to express love, that ANOTHER fear we have as a people. I'm almost 21 years old, and ive never been to a club, and i say that freely. People look at me strange when i say it, but the whole club atmosphere is not something that i particularly care for. And people look at me strange BECAUSE clubbing is something that you're SUPPOSED to do, but thats not what i love. I love sittin on the beach to watch the sunset, i love deep conversation, i love dry humor, i love striped sweaters, my favorite music is jazz, i love lighting vanilla scented candles in my room...AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK because its what I LOVE TO DO! If you love something, indulge in it. If you wanna say something, say it, if you wanna wear something, then wear it. Doing what we TRULY LOVE is the only way to find happiness...and thats real...

"Separate yourself to seek your own identity, but look in the mirror to see your own worse enemy.." - Me

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