Saturday, September 12, 2009

The day i find a woman who's smarter than me and can teach me somethin is the day i fall in love...'til then, im searching..

"For the most part, i am alone../
Nobody around, just me and my songs../
thats cool, just gimme some decent headfones/
You gimme a couple hours, i'll give you a couple songs/
Or a LP a couple hours long, i can make a double disk when my head is in the zone/
Im zonin, i met a light-skinned chick, now we bonin/
She out by the moe'nin/
I wish she could stay, but she gotta go/
And its alotta things in life that i gotta know/
You ever wondered who you was gon be wit?
You wish you could see it, then you wonder 'What she hidin fo?'/
But i be thinkin its the music imma settle wit/
And honestly i dont think i can find a better chick/
I heard somebody say that music is the devil's gift/
And if it is then everybody is irrelevant
Pressure like a Elephant.../
Heavy, i think im feelin outta my element
I just wanna fly and get away like a pelican...
....if it'll get me out this hell im in.."

Oh, and ive uploaded this song before, but i feel the need to post it again, simply because it fits the mood of this here it is...

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