Monday, October 12, 2009


This will be the first and only time im ever gonna address somethin like this...for as long as i could remember, ive been hated/hated on by family, foes, females (weird), and more recently, friends. i have very very thick skin and can take almost all of it, except for when it comes from the people i love most. ive been discriminated against for reasons that are beyond me, but to say that i want it to cease would be an absolute lie. yea, it does hurt to see those that you thought were in your corner work against you. and yea, sometimes it does stress me out...but what ive come to realize is that, everybody has a purpose. my purpose is to be me, and yours is to hate me for it. just as it is a criminal's purpose to commit crime, and a cop's job to bring em down. a mice's purpose is to be, and the snake's job to consume them. you see...ive never been one to brag, boast, or fact, im probably one of the most humble people you would ever come across. i never had to talk the talk because i was always too busy walkin it. i let other people do the talkin FOR me. why are you even so mad anyway? dont even answer that...i know the answer. i think every time you look at me, it reminds you of everything that you're not. and everytime you look at yourself, you feel self-hatred. but dont direct that hate towards me, keep it for yourself. every time you hear somebody mention me, it burns you. jealousy is nothing but fear. and you fear that by me being around, you won't matter. im one of those people that you either really really love, or really really hate. pick your side. if you love me, then i show that same love back. if you hate me, dont pose as a friend. stay on the opposing team....bad news for you is that i aint NEVER lost. im only gon allow my face to be spat in so many times before i punch the shit outta yours. and no i dont mean that in a literal sense....violence is for the weak. it takes a strong person to love. and i love each and every one of you. i guess its safe to say that we have a love/hate relationship.

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  1. that was guUD yUr BLOGS Be real.. keep iit Best friend