Monday, October 5, 2009

Red Pill, Blue Pill..

Time, in a general sense, has always been my biggest fear in life...afraid that if i dont make a quick decision then i'll end up alone....unsuccessful. Time is in constant progressive motion as i hear my life's clock sing that eery tune...tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick...tock.....tick....stop. And it's all over. But during that tick-tock, we're faced with decisions...some significant, others, not so much. However, there comes a pivotal moment in everybody's life that causes for that one great decision be to made that will determine whether your life will travel east or west...north or south...or in my case, Red or Blue.

You see...everyone is the 'Neo' of their own Matrix. You are 'The One', that deciding factor, that force that will determine whether your Zion will rise or fall. I look at Morpheus as my conscience, or God as some may put it. God can never forcefully put you through a situation that is against your own free will, all he can do is guide you. He has no opinion, no input, no say-so. All he can do is offer you two choices. And right now standing before me is Morpheus dressed in all black with the exception of his tie, with his two hands out. In one hand lies a blue pill. That pill represents, in my Matrix at least, a life in the Air Force, financial stability, and whatever else comes with that choice of career. In the other hand lies that red pill. That pill represents a life of me furthering my quest to find an answer that may or may NOT be found on the other side. An opportunity for me to follow a dream that many never wake up many have died there, but the reward can be so sweet. The suspense lies in the fact that it is a complete mystery as to which one will have the greater reward in the end. Somebody pour me a glass of water as i will consume one of these pills which will determine where my life takes me. I'm praying that i'm about to make the best decision. I just wanna be happy.

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