Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Album Review: Loso's Way

So Fab dropped his 5th album today....but honestly, i had it like 2 weeks ago..ahh, ThePirate Bay! Anyway, i figured I'd share my thoughts on it since everybody seems to be talkin about it. So let's get right to it...The first song is a 4 minute intro, and i must say he went in! Straight bars, no hook, a beautiful thing. BUT, the album quickly takes a turn for the worse with the next 3 songs all sounding exactly the same...anybody who KNOWS MUSIC KNOWS that the second, third, and fourth songs on any album are the most important, as they are the platform for the rest of the album. All 3 of those songs fell short in my opinion...Even the song with Jay-Z is average at best, and sounds like a cheap remix. However, the album IS picked up by songs like "Salute" which features Lil Wayne, Pachanga (which sounds like an American Gangster knockoff but nevertheless), street anthem and Alchemist-produced "Lullaby", and Marsha Ambrosius assisted "Stay". I really do TRY to like Fab's albums, I really do, but in the day where dudes are droppin mixtapes that are soundin better than MOST albums (So Far Gone, Uknowbigsean, The Warm Up) albums have to be damn-near perfect and nothin short of a classic. Sorry Fab, but next time i hit BestBuy, this album definitely won't be Thrown in the Bag.

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