Friday, December 18, 2009

Ordinary People (The Squad)

Me, Joe, Kelley, Xavier.

Rarely do me and my friends get the opportunity to all get together and just hang like we did back in the day. Since my bro Kelley is down from Tallahassee for Christmas break, we all came together like we usually do about twice a year. This is just a segment of a conversation we had the other day. LOL at all the Michael Jordan posters on the wall...but that's what makes this video cool. We came back to the same place we once hung as kids, but now we're adults, and the setting is exactly the same. Joe brought up an interesting point the other day. He said 'You know how i can tell we gettin older? Cuz our conversation is way different..'

1 comment:

  1. aye this was a real sick meeting of the minds.
    u gotta hit me up next time yall do that kuz not many ppl our age can hold a convo like that!