Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Little Light of Mine..

I once wrote a post called 'The Healer' but took it down because it came across as narcissistic and 'arrogant'. That wasn't my intent at all. You see...arrogance to me is the boasting of oneself while putting others down. IM TOTALLY AGAINST THAT. And as a matter of fact, I can't stand arrogant people...there's nothing worse. I never ever boast about the things i do...but if you ask me what i'm good at, imma tell you that i'm not good at it, but i'm GREAT at it.

Alotta people walk around afraid to feel special about themselves because they have a fear of being viewed as cocky. So they wait for someone else to come along and remind them of their worth. Why do that? What sense does that make? If you ask Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z, Oprah, or Barack Obama if they think they're good at what they do, they'll most likely tell you, 'I'm GREAT at what i do.' There's nothing wrong with thinking that. It's called having a winner's attitude, and very few people have it, which is why there are more followers than leaders on this earth. If there's music involved, then imma have the best verse, if it's on the basketball court, then i'm convinced that nobody is gonna beat my team, back in high school, in English class, i would never let anybody write a better essay than me. It's just the way i was raised. My brother, my dad, and my grandfather all have the same mindset.

I encourage anybody who wants to be great in anything to start believing it. On that path to wherever it is that you're trying to go, encourage others as well. Words are more powerful than you think, and you never know what can change somebody...for better or worst. Be humble, but at the same time, know in your mind that there's NOTHING in this world that you cannot conquer. I look at it like this...i'm a single guy (not complaining) and i spend alot of my time in solitude. ALL I HAVE is myself and my inner light. Why would you knock me for embracing the one thing that i feel is my motivation to win? This is MY light and i choose to illuminate my path to constant progress. Love yourself, and others will follow. Despise yourself and others will follow. Feeling typical about yourself and others---well, i think you get what i'm sayin..

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