Friday, December 18, 2009

Terrence's Tip of the Day

If you're single, don't be one of those people with a 'type' (physical). When you have a set standard in your mind as to who you're looking, all that does is close off every opportunity for you to meet someone who may offer EXACTLY what you need and want. God has a sense of humor, so he may send you someone who you may consider to be the exact opposite of what you're seeking. This is just a test. A test to see how shallow you are. If you take the time to actually be a human being and get to know that person, no matter their race, religion or culture, then you may find a reward so great that you'll thank God everyday for him bringing that special person into your life. Your test is passed. Just think to many times have you overlooked a person because of a physicality that wasn't 'appealing' to you? Fall in love with the soul...not the body. For it is the soul that lives on for an eternity..

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