Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twitter...The Thought Journal

I've never been a fan of social networking sites but Twitter is actually pretty cool. The fact that there is no About Me section tells you more about a person than an About Me section ever could. Twitter is so precise in giving you insight as to who a person is, its crazy. It's impulsive...Twitter is nothing more than an online journal of thoughts that you have throughout the day. We are what we think about, so following a person and their thoughts throughout the day gives you an almost precise idea of what that person is like, without having to ever meet them. Phoniness is EASILY detected through tweets, and fortunately, so is genuine. So if you've never really paid attention to it before, start noticing trends amongst the behaviors of people. It's so interesting to watch...and for the people that you already know personally, look at their tweets in relation to who they are as people. How accurate are they? Very..

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