Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Associative Laws of the Universe

Growing up, i've always heard people say 'You are who you hang around..'. For years, i dismissed it as bullshit, but as i grow older and wiser, i've come to realize that there is a science behind that statement.

You see...that statement is valid due to the associative laws of this universe. The associative laws serve to help us survive. EVERYTHING THAT IS DONE NATURALLY ON THIS PLANET IS FOR THE AID OF OUR SURVIVAL. THATS THE BEAUTY OF THE UNIVERSE! But anyway...survival. You are what/who you surround yourself with, for better or for worse. Examples. When we are exposed to the sun, we become tanned. In that tanning process, our bodies create melanin, a pigment used to protect us from harmful UV rays. If you surround yourself with 10 people who are all similar, you'll slowly adapt their ways. Not because you think they're cool, but because thats the way association works. It's science. The universe is designed to equip you with whatever elements you need to survive in that particular environment. It's why we get goosebumps...they serve as insulation for the skin to protect against the cold. On the flip, sweat serves as coolant for the body. I've even read that if you put a group females in an environment, then over time, they'll all begin to menstruate at the same time. Us humans alter ourselves to our surroundings.

I've noticed something VERY interesting. See, i grew up in LA but moved out to the I.E. when i was thirteen. The Inland Empire and Los Angeles contain TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT STYLES OF LIVING. Life seems to be quicker out in Los're kinda forced to grow up faster. The interesting thing is that if you take a 16 year old male that's grown up in the inner city and a 16 year old male that has lived in the suburbs his whole life, they look completely different. I've noticed that people in the inner cities look WAY more mature...this is due to the environment. When i was in middle school out in LA, there were 7th graders with full-grown beards. Out here, you hardly see that. Perfect example of the associative laws in action. Knowing this, begin to surround yourself with positivity, love and'll have no choice but to begin to adapt and assimilate. Trust.

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