Saturday, April 10, 2010

JOURNAL ENTRY #1 April 10th, 2010

It's been quite a while since i've regurgitated my thoughts onto this blog of mines...i hope my lack of productivity on here hasn't caused some of the faithful readers to stray. Well, i figure every now and then i should post journal entry type of posts...SO HERE GOES! Umm, let's see, what have i been up to? Well, i finally put out a full body of music and presented as a whole. That's something i've been talkin about doing since 2006! I'm glad to have finally got that done. But i'm even MORE glad to hear all of the good feedback. I really do appreciate all the phone calls, texts, and tweets (and RT's) telling me how much people are enjoying it. It's actually kinda overwhelming...i honestly didn't expect for this many positive responses due to the fact that those are songs that are so like...SUPER personal. Idk....those are songs that i've been holding onto since '08/'09. As time passes, i learn so much more about music, i really do consider myself a student of the art. SO, when i start to write again, the music will be MUCH better.

Lets see, what else, what else...oh, i just started working at this new job. TARGET. Don't judge me...i gotta do what i gotta do, alrite? LOL. It's an early morning shift job, 4am-10am. My mom and stepdad are moving to LA on May 1st and they're leaving this big ass house to lil 'ol me. That said, i'm looking to find job #2. Best Buy didn't fall thru as expected...i don't understand because i had TWO interviews the other day...who knows, maybe they'll call me back. They want me to be a TV salesman lol. Living here on my own will be something i'll have to get used to...NO ROOMMATES THO! The whole objective is for me to finally be on my own. The only person i'd let move in here with me is my girl, which i have yet to meet so....anyways, enough rambling, that's my first journal post for now...hey, that felt kinda cool. Maybe i'll do another one tomorrow..

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  1. man, target told me they didn't even have any openings. lmao, and i just applied to best buy. but anyway, living on your own will be something good. it'll force you to grow up and just be more focused about the shit that matters and the little stuff.