Monday, January 18, 2010

Planet: You (A MUST-READ!!!)

For whatever reason, i think about the most abstract things when i'm in the shower. I don't know if it's the sensation of warm water that puts my mind and body in a relaxed state...or maybe it's the repetition of hearing the water come from the sprout that puts me in a trans...IDK! But this is a concept that i've been thinkin about for a while now...and yes, i came up with it while in the shower lol..

The Earth...the Human Body...they're sorta synonymous in many ways. The Earth is composed mostly of is the human body. Everyday, the sun the sun rises, light is shed on the earth's horizon...light is to awaken. Darkness is to hide or to suppress. Just as the light is shed and darkness falls, those are the times of day we rise and fall as well. Wake in the morning, lay at nite. The changes of the weather on the Earth are synonymous to a human's emotion. There is even factual evidence that we change physically, mentally, and emotionally as the seasons pass.

Think about THIS though...the human body has different cells and different organs to carry out various tasks to maintain our health. We have cells that multiply to form other cells, cells that function in the transportation of oxygen from one part of the body to another, we even have cells that destroy and eat away at others (namely Killer T Cells or NKT). Along with the cells we have in our bodies that assist us, we also have things like bacteria and disease that harm us. These cells are LIVING ORGANISMS WITHIN US. This is where i'm going with this...the Earth we live in is nothing but one big living organism...very very similar to our bodies. We are the cells inside of the 'earth's body' so to speak, along with animals, plants, and all other living inhabitants on the planet. I believe that every person and every thing on this earth was born with a purpose. Identifying and knowing that purpose aids in the overall well-being of the Earth, in a large scale. There are also people who are born 'bad' or 'evil'. Those are the Earth's bacteria...the harmful agents. I saw this special once, i forgot what channel, but it talked about if all human life on Earth stopped at this very instant, it showed how the Earth would naturally repair itself. Structures that we've put up (buildings) would collapse and over time, thousands of years, the Earth would naturally restore itself to how it was once before, and it would look like a natural would look as if human life never existed in the first place. I thought to myself 'Hmmm...THE EXACT SAME THING goes for us humans!' If we cut ourselves, our bodies have ways of repairing itself and over time, you would never be able to tell we damaged our skin in the first place. Or if we get sick...over time, our bodies fight off that illness and a week or two later, we feel as if we've never been sick at all.

Do you get what i'm saying though? I hope so...the Earth is ONE BIG BODY. And we are the cells and organs of that body. Each of us carrying on a specific function. Who knows...inside of our bodies, might even be some sort of society as well...You ever seen the movie Osmosis Jones? It might not be as fictional as you may have thought. And inside of THOSE cells, might be another environment. Even our isn't the largest of strata (level). Our planet belongs to a solar system, that belongs to a galaxy, that belongs to the universe (the entire form of existence).

With all of the technological advancements and pollution that we put in the air, humans may very well be the baceria (or the catalyst for bacteria) of the planet...just as fungus is bacteria in our bodies. Like i said, this is a concept that's been lingering in my mind for a while, but i was on a long ride home last nite from San Diego and i was listening to Digable Planets and i heard one of the members say 'People are planets..' That statement couldn't have been more true...


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