Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Book of Eli, Grade: A+

This is strange...i've seen to A+ movies in a row. I'm not one to say a movie is an A+ unless i really believe so. Haven't seen a weak movie in a while...this is odd. But anyway, great GREAT movie. Not gonna give away the plot, but just know that it's GOOD. You kinda have to know a little bit about faith to understand it though...not faith as far as Christianity necessarily, but FAITH. Just go watch it and judge it for yourself. But if you're movie comprehension skills suck and you're not the type to be able to see a movie's plot from another perspective, you're not gonna like it. Just a heads up. Oh, and don't let the commercials fool you. It's not a super action packed movie...its meaning is much deeper.

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