Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Black Women, Yall Are Probably Gon Get Mad Upon Reading This, But I'm Sayin This Because I Love You

In like...the past 2 weeks, like 3 different people have told me that i look like the type of guy that prefers Latinas over Black women. First off, imma tell you that that's not true, not in the least bit. When i ask people what is it that makes them think that, they can't tell me. I've actually only dated outside my race once, and she was Pakistani, not Mexican. But this issue is something that has been bothering me for a while, so imma touch on it. And since you can't answer why you think i look like the type of guy that prefers Latinas, imma answer it for you.

There is no certain look on my face that tells you that i prefer Latina women. Nor is there a sign on my forehead saying so. So what you mean i look like the type? This is where the problem lies. I'm an intelligent man that isn't afraid of it, and therefore i don't try to put up a front like i'm dumber than i really am to attract a certain kind of female. Shame on the people who do that. People see this and think 'Hmmm...that's odd. A handsome Black guy (no, i'm not cocky) that doesn't act White who's fairly intelligent and doesn't try to fit into the 'cool', he MUST not like Black women..'. Listen to stupid does that sound? But you know what? Young Black women, it's not that i'm not attracted to YOU, it's in fact the other way around. You're not attracted to ME.

You see...the typical YOUNG Black woman doesn't want the young black intelligent man. Oh no, definitely not. She wants the NIGGA. She wants that dude because a bunch of other women (or girls i should say) want him. She wants him because of his 'fuck it, fuck you, i dont give a fuck' attitude. She wants him because of the way his hat sits on his head or the way his skinny jeans fit just right on him. She wants him for everything that doesn't matter. I got my own acronym for the word NIGGA - Nothing Is Going Good Afterwards. Meaning, everything about him is appealing to your eye until after you get to know him and find out that he's about as intellectually deep as a 3 foot pond and he's worth nothing more than the clothes on his back. THAT'S a nigga for you. This doesn't only apply to young black women, our young black men are shallow as well. Only wanting a girl because she's 'Badd' or because 'she got ass'. We gotta do better.

I once dated a girl who couldn't believe i wasn't a NIGGA. I walked, talked, and 'acted' like a Black dude, but she refused to believe that i didn't carry on those NIGGA characteristics. I consider myself to be a nice guy, and i'm quite peaceful...but she steadily tried to create problems outta thin air. She would often push me to react a certain way because she was used to dealing with nothin but the NIGGA her whole life. She would provoke me to react, then ask 'Are you mad?'. When i would say no, it made HER mad. She even went as far as to ask me one day 'How come you never go hard on me?' I told her that I'm not that kinda guy. What really took her by surprise is when i let her look through my phone. I simply had nothing to hide. It was as if she was expecting something to go wrong...all because i'm a young Black man. That isn't fair. This is exactly why i say that many Black women WANT this type of guy. I've seen this happen too often. Some females are NIGGAS too, and the male and female NIGGA belong together. All of these problems, for men and women, can be solved if we begin to be attracted to a person for WHO he is rather than WHAT he is.

To conclude, when people say 'You look like the type that prefers Latinas over Black women', my reply to that is that i love ALL women. I love a woman who can make me happy and make me feel good, whatever the race. I see deeper than skin color. So don't you dare sit up here and tell me what kinda women i look like i prefer. Am i attracted to the young Black intelligent female? Yes, very much so. But am i attracted to the female NIGGA? No, not at all. Many females will TELL you that they want a good guy, but their actions speak otherwise. About a month ago, a friend told me that i didn't act Black, and that i acted White. She said it was because i don't act like a NIGGA and that i'm smart. Why is it that us Black people equate ignorance to being 'Black' or being real, and being smart and speaking intelligently is acting White? Do better. Because that's one of the dumbest things ive ever heard in my life.


  1. media is main problem causing young black men and women to behave so shallowly and it is this that makes it hard to find a intelligent black man. so many look to there role models for guidance because, unfortunately, their fathers are not around and most of these role models are the type to be like "fuck bitches" blah blah. i am also used to dealing with niggas but only because the media influence me, i know that's not a good enough reason, but it's the truth. i have found myself someone who acts accordingly. i did exactly what the girl up above to him and i've stopped because i finally realize that there ARE better things out there than the common nigga.

  2. Damn! That's a pretty funny comment to tell someone what they look like -- that's friggin' hilarious. But I like this post too. As I go down your blog, they get better.

    I don't really have anything to say because it's all true. A lot of females are like that. And when I seen the introduction to this point I was just thinking well maybe that person said that because you aren't walking about saying "Ay bitch come here" or something.

  3. I feel you on that good post fam...

  4. This has got to be one of the most refreshing posts, especially coming from a male perspective, I've read in a while. Thank you for being more than what the media defines as Black. Thank you for being a nonconformist to the stereotype of what Black men are supposedly all like.

    I feel you though, I had the same issue of people coming up to me saying, "You look like the type who likes black guys" like that was supposed to mean something important. I definitely agree, we all needa get and "better begin to be attracted to a person for WHO he is rather than WHAT he is."


  5. this post = thumbs up !
    glad you touched on this topic & held nothing back.

  6. you're absolutely right 99.9%