Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Close your eyes for a second. If you don't feel like closing your eyes, at least just zone out with me for a minute...clear your mind of any and everything. Imagine this being your place of living. Imagine coming home from a long day and flopping on that grey couch. Now imagine the coolness (temperature) of the couch as you let yourself fall on it. See yourself looking out those windows on a clear day in the summer around the sun sets. Imagine the sound of those cabinets as you close em. Run your hand across the texture of the brick laced does that feel? Imagine havin a great conversation with someone as you sit across from them...a conversation about everything in life...the good, the funny, the It probably gets pretty cold in here because of the absense of carpet. FEEL that temperature. Hear the sound of a woman's heels as they hit the hardwood floor. HEAR that. This is how you imagine..

This may not be exactly how you'd want your home to look, but i used the above to show you how you should be vividly painting mental pictures of the things you want. When doing so, don't have thoughts of 'This is what i want'. In your mind, remove yourself from your current surroundings and mentally place your being here. It's important to not only think about these details...I REALLY WANT YOU TO LIVE THEM. FEEL THEM. The power of the mind is so strong that its functions can hardly be understood...hear me out..

Have you ever learned a new word, then ALL OF A SUDDEN, that word occurs EVERYWHERE? And you are most certain that you've NEVER heard it before? This is no accident! That phenomenon is occurs everywhere because by you learning that word, you've completely soaked it in, your brain has absorbed it, and that word or concept has become absolute. Its definite. It isn't something that you can remove. Once you learn something, you can never UN-learn may temporarily forget it, but it can never completely be unlearned. The fact that that new entity has become absolute, it has become a part of you, if that makes sense. Therefore, you begin to attract that thing or things like it. This occurence is due to the Law of Attraction (look it up). I'm trying to get you to paint these very vivid pictures so the things you long for can become absolute in YOUR mind. The incredible thing about the brain's powers, is that it does not know to separate fantasy and reality. Therefore constant focus on any one thing will attract that thing to your life. Like i always mention, faking sickness and then really becoming sick is another clear example of that same phenomenon. When you fake sick to get out of a situation, not only do you tell someone that you're sick, but you act it out as well. You walk, talk, and sniff as if you're ill. As i mentioned, your brain knows no difference between real and fake, and whatever you live, you become. It's that simple.

Nothing is ever too big or too unrealistic to bring into fruition. NOTHING. Which is why it is so important to be very clear and very precise as to what you hope to attract. Live your dream life inside your mind. Whatever you want, you can have. If it's to become wealthy, begin to feel wealth...think wealth...and ultimately, you will soon live it. It's the Law of Attraction, it's a perfect law, and it never fails. Take time everyday to escape to your dreams. Many people don't realize the power of the mind, therefore they cannot take advantage of it. Few people around the world understand this concept and implement it in their lives to have whatever it is they want. You know how they say 'Fake it til you make it?' DO THAT.

PS: I've been using this thought concept for the past few years of my life and i've seen some things unfold in my life that i would have NEVER thought was possible in the past...i've SEEN this magic work in my own life...please trust me. You've probably heard that us humans only use about 7% of our do you suppose you gain access to a higher percentage? I wouldn't be telling you this for no reason..

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  1. I'm really enlightened and glad I ran into your blog! I have thought about this "Law of Attraction" and its connection to the brain, but you have written it so well and so in-depth.

    I actually will take your advice and try it out :)