Monday, January 18, 2010

A Million Dollars..

Having a million dollars and having one-thousand dollars is the same thing...for most people. Sounds ridiculous right? I don't think so...Why, you ask? GREED. Money is all about scaling...large scale or small scale, you must live within your means. When a person has a thousand dollars to their name, they spend money accordingly...Why? Because they know they're not financially stable enough to spend frivolously. Let's say that person is 21 years old. A thousand dollars to spend for leisure is a healthy piece of change for someone of that age, wouldn't you say? Now...give that same 21 year old ONE MILLION dollars and watch what happens. That money would eat away at itself faster than you'd know...This is people, we're so used to adapting a lifestyle according to how much money we have. This isn't the way to all. One should adapt a lifestyle according to comfort...a healthy comfort though.

Since that 21 year old now has a million dollars, he's gonna change his WHOLE lifestyle because of the money he just inherited. If he drives a Honda Accord, he's most likely now gonna go out and buy a luxury car. He's gonna eat more expensive, date more expensive, LIVE more expensive. Thing's he used to pay $20 for he's now gonna pay $200 for...all because he can. This is the fool's guide to going broke real fast. Prior to the inheritance of the million dollars, he's lived his entire life amongst the less-than-luxurious objects and he's been just fine. Happy even...Why can't that guy live the same life that he used to live and still have money? Pay attention...this is what most of us do. Instead of living on the thousand dollar scale, he now lives on the million dollar scale. Money spends itself. Don't live on a scale based on digits, live on a scale based on comfort and happiness. This is a concept that takes maturity. Not even gonna lie...this is a level of maturity that i myself haven't even fully reached. However, i do work hard on improving my spending habits so when i DO have large sums of money, i'll know how to live about it.

This is just a tip for any of you who may one day encounter large sums of money. Remember, just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you can afford it. The same goes with any amount of money, i just used a million as an example. If you usually only have $100 to spend then all of a sudden, you come up on $1000, don't start to spend as if you've gained. This is how we always have a lump sum of money then end up saying to ourselves 'Damn, where did all my money go?' It's because you began to live on the thousand dollar scale. FUCK THE SCALE. Live comfortably. If you choose to adopt a larger lifestyle because of money, you'll also adopt larger spending. It's basic mathematics. Big money is only for the responsible...which is why only the responsible have it. In the isn't how much money you have, it's how you live.

1,000,000 = 1,000.

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