Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Iono man..

I once saw a special that talked about how the first U.S. mission to the moon was fraudulent...they said that since the moon supposedly has no gravity, then how in the hell does the flag wave? It made me wonder...if you really think about it...the government keeps so many secrets from us citizens that its ridiculous. That's a fact. So i'm thinkin...outerspace..a place with a nature that is totally oblivious to Earth's inhabitants, do you REALLY think that the government is truthful about how they describe the nature of these distant planets? I doubt it...just somethin random on my you ever wonder what's REALLY out there? You can't possibly think that Earth is the only planet that can nurture living beings...*weird alien space music begins to play* lol


  1. Yeah, that's true. When I took Physics last year, my teacher told us that. It was his own conspiracy, and I do believe it, because the United States was so caught up in being the best that they would do any and everything to be number one. Especially when their credibility is being tested.

    I don't even see why they are researching different planets -- we've fucked up with one, and now what if there's life elsewhere we're going to go take over that one?

  2. I agree with you so bad it's sick