Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Nightmare on Parsley Lane..

So i've been havin trouble sleeping lately and moms offered a little suggestion. She told me that if i laid on my back then i'd be likely to fall asleep easier. However, she said that sleeping on your back will almost definitely cause a nightmare. Bullshit rite? Naw...its all.

During these past two weeks, ive been having an EXTREMELY hard time falling asleep so i figured, 'Fuck it, imma just try sleepin on my back bcuz this shit is gettin ridiculous..'. Lemme tell you, every nite that i've done this, a nightmare has occured. So i tested it...i thought maybe it was all coincidence, so one nite, i actually forced myself to sleep on my side again. No nightmare. The night after that, last nite, i slept on my back once more, had another one. Last night's nightmare scared me so bad i almost had to call my shawty! LOL! No lie...i dont know if this applies to everybody, but it certainly applies to me. Wanna test it out? Try falling asleep on your back, facing straight up towards your ceiling. Do it at your own risk tho...i've never had this many nightmares to occur in such a short timeframe ever in my life. I usually only have nightmares once or twice a year..

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  1. This works in reverse for me. sleeping on my stomach i always have nightmares,on my back, none.