Sunday, January 3, 2010


At first, i was so reluctant to create a blog because i thought that not many people would be interested in hearing what i had to say...i was told today by someone that they felt the same kinda inspiration from my blog that people get when they read Rev Run's tweets. That meant alot...the number one thing that inspires me in life is love. So the fact that alot of you show love means so much, and the inspiration is reciprocated. Ever since i was a little boy, i've been wanting to help and inspire. Nothing more. For those who feel moved by the things i write, just know that you've truly helped my dreams become reality. I swear to God. A dream come true...even if its only a few of you who check this site out. I realized the magnitude of words long ago...that's when i realized i wanted to reach people with the things i say. If you leave this site feeling the least bit happier, inspired, or touched, then my job is complete..

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  1. Yeah I like your blog because you blog about a variety of things -- from what you think about society, those videos with your mom are friggin ingenious, and the different tidbits about childhood like the sega and cartoons are even better because they bring back the good ole' days.