Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me 'Casual' (Prod. By J.Dilla)

I've posted this song before, but i was listenin to it earlier today and realized how dope it was (can i brag for a second?). I love the story in this...its a realistic one. The story is as follows:

Me and a friend are casually posted in an empty parking lot on a Friday afternoon. After meeting a girl just one week prior to the day, i begin to strangely fall in what seems like love. After smoking a whole sack of weed, and having my homie convince me that she's good for me, i do something that i would soon regret. High outta my mind and lovestruck, i make the ridiculous decision of asking this girl out OVER A TEXT, after knowing her for only one week. Of course i get rejected, and now have to live with that heartache.


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