Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beats By Dr. Dre

Today is the 7th and my birthday is on the 28th. Which means i turn 21 exactly 3 weeks from now. If you want me to be your friend forever, you would get me these.

Have you ever went to BestBuy and sampled these? MY GAWD! I seriously have never heard anything like it. I mean, i have a decent pair of high quality headphones but they aint got SHIT on these! When you listen to music through these, it feels as though you're in another dimension. A world of music. Yall know how deep my love for music is. I don't give a damn HOW you get em for me, just get em. You got 3 weeks. Shit, team up if you have to. Put it like this...all you gotta do is get 10 people to donate 30 bucks each and BAM! Afforded. LMAO! I'm like halfway jokin rite now...but i really do want em. If i had em, i would feel as if a certain area of my life is complete. LOL.

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