Monday, January 18, 2010

Dude, You Gotta Let Go..

So many people out there tryna be rappers these days...i would say it's ridiculous, but that wouldn't be the correct way to put it. It's more like scary. You guys have let these celebrities sell you a false dream. The truth is...about 99.9% of yall ain't good enough. Everybody wants to be famous, and with the rise of Twitter, it isn't helping any. People are starting to feel as though their significance is greater than the next person because of the amount of 'followers' they have. YOU'RE NOT A CELEBRITY. This is a buncha bullshit man. The same goes with you females...alotta yall just ain't gon make it as models. Sorry...Everybody wants to be a celebrity...nobody wants to be normal anymore. The reason i say it's scary is because you're chasing so hard after this dream, only for most of you to be rejected. You're gonna look up and be 28 years old, and then what? You'll have no real work experience and you'll be lost out there in the world. There's gonna be a huge rise of unproductive citizens in the country...i can already see it. And most of these people chasing the illusion are...Black people. We gotta wake up. Is what you're doing gonna be able to provide for a family? How will you afford a home? What about if you get sick? You're not gonna have any medical benefits. Don't you ever think about these things? Aren't these the things that REALLY matter? Not saying for you to not chase your dream...i'm just sayin that you gotta know when to fall back and begin to explore more 'productive' options. Even I make music, but i make music for myself and myself only. I'm not trying to make a career of it...just as one who could draw sketches from time to time...that's how i approach making music. If you love making music, cool, that's totally fine. But let music be your art, and not your occupation. #imjustsayin

Sorry...i'm a realist.

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  1. They don't think about it, that's the problem.