Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where In This World Are YOU?

Ok, think about this for a second...think about how many people's minds stay in the same realm, all the time. Just really let that thought sit on your mind...hopefully you're not one of those of those people who think about the same kinda shit every single day. Girls/dudes...functions...weed/alcohol...gettin money. Don't know if you realize it, but there are alot of people out there that don't let their minds roam anywhere at all..that's sad. Perhaps the main focus of this blog is to assist in getting you to think about things you may not have thought about before. I hope you guys really soak in some of the things i write about man...i put alotta thought into em. The mind is such a fascinating organ...thoughts are so much more powerful than you may realize. Thoughts take you places...and the best thing about thought is that it's unrestricted. You sit here in the physical, yes, but when zoning out to a thought, you're being is in a whole different realm. It's so beautiful. The mental state is so far greater than the physical. Your actual body is nothing but your physical state, your avatar so to speak (hope you get out to see that movie). For example, a dream is a great example of you traveling to another land...all while you physically lay in bed. When dreaming, you are so deep in thought and you begin to tap into the subconscious mind, and you literally FEEL those things you dream about. A dream is nothing but a stream of thought sequenced into what seems/feels real. THOUGHTS.

This is why i'm such an advocate of one tapping into his/her mind. I try to get you all to use parts of your mind that you may have never thought to use...or to stimulate parts of your mind that you may have forgot about...which is the reason i post all the old cartoons of the past. When you see those images of the cartoons that you once loved, you become a kid once more, even if only for a few moments. The mind is so can use it for more than you know. BELEE DAT! lol

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