Friday, February 12, 2010

Show and Tell

Man....we stood in line for like 8 hours to wait for 'Ye to come and sign our cds. This was in the midst of the whole Kanye vs. 50 Cent album sales war, so to be there to meet him was pretty cool. I clearly remember being there at the Virgin Music store and standing in front of him while the song Flashing Lights played as there really was flashing lights EVERYWHERE. When i looked at him, he didn't look happy. I tried to look past all the glitz and glamour and see him as a person. The whole moment was surreal. Thats when i thought to myself 'Damn, it's like this everywhere he goes..' That's not a life that i'd ever wish to live. Sure, famous people can do all kinda cool shit that us 'normal' people will never get to do, but there's a million things WE can do that they can NEVER do. Like peacefully walk along the beach...or go to the movies and enjoy a good flick...or go to the grocery store! The simple things....i can only imagine how frustrating not being able to do those things can be..

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  1. Yup. A guy once asked me if I wanted to be famous, and I shot it down real quick with a feisty attitude, like "Hell nah" because for one, I don't need everyone in my business, slandering me. All I want to do is write and attend cool events, I don't need the glitz and glam, I don't need to be blinded by 50 cameras and their flash at once. Maybe I want to walk down the street and just hear the birds chirping without someone calling my name...