Thursday, February 4, 2010

No More Than...Me

If i had a dollar for every time somebody called me weird, i'd have alotta, ALOT. But what is weird anyway? People are so quick to label anything they don't understand or can't identify with as weird. it what you want. But as people, we have so many roles that we feel like we 'have to' fit into. For example, I'm young and Black. Therefore i am EXPECTED to dress a certain a certain...behave a certain way...listen to a certain type of music. Even me being light-skinned, that's another role that i'm supposed to fit into. And as soon as i decide to take a more individualistic approach to my life, what am i called? A weirdo. Every role has different tasks attached to it. Whether you're White, Black, Hispanic, or whatever....And not only does it apply to ethnicity, but it applies to age as well. Whether you're old or young, there are certain things expected of you. Everyday of my life, i try to break another piece of that wall down in an effort to become more of an individual. Above being Black, above having lighter skin, above being young, I AM A HUMAN BEING. Which means i am entitled to whatever i choose to love, if that makes any sense to you. I sometimes walk past a person and notice the look they're giving me. The one thing that we all do, even before speaking one word, is judge upon sight. Most of the time, i take them by surprise by simply smiling and saying 'Hello'. Shocks alotta people. Imagine how colorful life would be if we all chose to live by what we love instead of what we're told to love or who we're told we're supposed to be. Just remember, above all, you are human. You are your soul. Stop trying to appeal to your physical and feed your mind and spirit. For it is the mind and spirit that determine where your life will travel....your body is just along for the ride.

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  1. never what you do for love...

    regardless of what those close-minded people have to say. i'd rather hear what you have to say because it's actually under the service and makes you think.

    instead of just ignorant shit with nigga, cuz, or blood as every other word.