Friday, February 12, 2010


So i'm watchin Terminator Salvation for the first time the other day when i notice somethin a lil odd. There's this little black girl in the movie who has quite a significant role, but doesn't say a word throughout the whole movie. She happens to get alotta camera time as well. I thought to myself, 'This lil girl look JUST like....MICHAEL JACKSON!' Ha! It became so clear! She looks just like young MJ when he was a kid! So i'm thinkin maybe it's just a coincidence. UNTIL i waited for the end credits when i noticed her name was Jadagrace berry. The credits spelled it just like that, with the lower case, italicized last name. HER NAME WAS THE ONLY ONE LIKE THAT! So immediately began to try to piece this together...berry berry berry...Halle Berry? Na...berry berry....AH! Berry Gordy! The man responsible for discovering The Jackson 5! Mike had TREMENDOUS respect for Mr. Gordy. But i still needed more solid evidence, this wasn't enough. Upon doin a lil research, i find out that Berry Gordy and Diana Ross had a daughter named Rhonda Ross Kendrick. If you remembered, MJ had in his will that he wanted Diana Ross to take custody of his kids upon his death. So that's took some investigative work but i did it. Michael had a kid with one of Berry Gordy's daughters. You can't tell me this kid don't look like Michael and Janet when they were kids. I mean, why else would ONLY HER last name be italicized and lower cased in the credits?

Mike lived such a secretive life....i wouldn't be surprised if he had all kinda kids of different ethnicities all over the world..

Applaud me.


  1. Wow, you got me wanting to go investigate this now too! Lol at "applaud me".

  2. i am soooo weak right now, you are right ! MJ lives. rotf !