Friday, February 26, 2010

If Seasons Were Women..


Autumn is a quiet kinda can tell she's been hurt real bad in the past but she'll never express her pain in words. Looking into her beautiful hazel eyes, there lies a story. She'll only be as good to you as you are to her. She's a home body that prefers staying in to watch DVDs rather than going clubbing or to a party. Her trust is not an easy thing to gain, but once you have it, you're good for the long haul..


Winter is the kinda girl you don't wanna bring home to meet your mom. Appealing to the eye but her beauty may be the only thing she possesses. You'll never quite figure her out so your best bet is to not even try. Her looks may draw you in, but get too close and she'll show you just how cold her heart can be..


The spring woman is all about fun. She's not necessarily looking for love, but if she finds it, she wouldn't mind sharing her life with you. Full of laughs, energy and excitement...a date with her will never be boring as she will keep you laughing the whole time. Be careful with Spring though....her beauty and fun personality will make you fall fast, however, she may not feel the same way. She hardly wears her emotions on her sleeve so you can forget about trying to read her and what's going through her mind...Think fun, but be patient..


Summer is my kinda girl. Easy to talk to, fun, and a beautiful euphoric smile that can be mood altering. If she's comfortable enough with you and she sees that you are sincere, she'll stick right there by you. Summer is the epitome of the renaissance woman. The two of you can either go to an amusement park or cool out at home and flick through the movie channels on a Friday night. Her big brown eyes are windows to her warm and loving soul. Whenever she isn't right there by your side, you'll long for her touch and when the two of you reconnect, it'll feel as if she's never left..

Now that i've personified the seasons as women, what season are you? Or if you're a dude, what season do you prefer?

Just a cool lil thing to think about.


  1. dope post...i wonder what season some chicks may percieve themselves as, compared to how other ppl see them....interesting

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