Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Is What It Is

We have the tendency to always judge and compare. This girl looks better than that girl, this rapper is better than that rapper, she dresses nicer than her, i can literally go on forever. In the midst of constantly favoring a certain thing, we can't even appreciate everything else. We don't directly compare all the time, we seem to do it without even knowing. For example, Kanye West got alotta backlash because of his last album 808s & Heartbreak. People said stuff like 'NO WAY is this his best album' or 'Graduation was way better than this..'. Comparison makes you lose sight of the great things before you. Kanye is a genius, that album's purpose wasn't to top any of his previous work, it was to get you APPRECIATE something different. Whenever we refer to something as ''s ok' or 'That shit is weak', it's because we subconsciously have either a set standard to what we believe to be good, or we subconsciously think of something better. We even do it with other people! The reason many people fear commitment is not because they're scared of being with only one person, it is because they tell themselves that maybe there's something out there better. NEWSFLASH: THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING OUT THERE THAT YOU PERCEIVE AS BETTER! Look at things for what they are, and appreciate them for what they are. THAT'S the key to being happy.

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